Watch: Late-Arriving Erev Shabbos Passengers Are Spirited from Ben Gurion Airport to Make it in Time for Shabbos



  1. These people are not traveling for frum reasons. They are traveling for the entertainment whether it be in Uman or Eretz Yisroel. A frum person traveling Lishma wouldn’t travel so close to shabbos when a delay, which happens frequently, could so easily come to chillul shabbos.

    • How do you know they didn’t schedule their flight for Wednesday but were stuck in the airport for a day and a half? Anytime you judge another Yid, you are bringing kitrug upon yourself.

      • They had a choice of getting off the plane BEFORE it took off. It was their own decision to take that flight knowing it was going to land so close to Shabbos.

        • You can’t just “get off the plane” when boarding is completed but the plane is delayed on a tarmac for many hours, unless you go through an emergency exit which will get you immediately arrested. There could be all kinds of valid reasons why these travelers ended up arriving so close to Shabos. Do yourself a favor and don’t cause yourself to be judged by shamaim as you judge other Yiden.

  2. This plane is a very popular flight , it leaves Newark on Thursday at about 1:30 PM and arrives in Israel on Friday morning before 7 AM . These people were really innocent . Also who says that they had the choice to come off the plane before take off ? Its really unfair to judge our fellow brothers like this before Rosh Hashona

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