Watch: Last Week In Toms River, NJ, Bus Driver Nearly Hit Young Child On The Side Of The Road



    • With you 100% they should contact the school etc.. no need to shame people, even if you want the driver fired, so get him fired but no heter for this.

    • The steets are clean, the lawns are mowed, there is space between cars, people aren’t speeding. This is wonderful, mi keamcha yisoel.

  1. BH a tragedy was averted. That said, the driver should be made to find a new line of work as he clearly has neither the skills nor the intelligence necessary to operate a motor vehicle carrying am Yisrael’s most precious assets.

  2. This is in Lakewood, on Jule Ct, off of Central Ave. These incidents happen in Lakewood daily, with 50 thousand young kids going on and off their buses every day. Unfortunately there aren’t that many cameras all over town to capture every incident. Think about it, 50 thousand children with hundreds of buses and runs and thousands of bus stops (where most kids get dropped off across the streets from where they live) and many other safely issues, what’s the chances of someone not getting hurt? we are living on daily miracles, and guess what? all our merits are getting used up!! Thanks to our corrupt Jewish politicians in the township and the ones in charge of The Board of Education who run this town together with the bus companies who are putting our kids lives at risk. Their #1 priority is greed and money, safety is #2, if at all important. The Hispanic illegals who own no property in town and pay $0 to taxes, get free education with free after school recreation programs, free music lessons, door to door bus stops with a bus assistant on board, and us legal citizens who pay tons of money to taxes get nothing from BOE, pay for our own education, our kids get picked up and dropped off their buses in bulk by the dozens in an unsafe manner. This is so unfair and unjust. When will the people of this town wake up and vote these greedy politicians out? Hashem sees the pain and suffering of the innocent citizens, and the Jewish political reshoim who control this town will go down sooner or later.

  3. B”H the boy wasn’t hurt or c’v worse. A crossing monitor or some other procedure presumably wouldn’t have allowed this near-tragedy to occur.

  4. Pained citizen…. Did you not see the bus belonged to the school”Talmud Torah ….” not a bus company from the town and your “corrupt “board of education
    The school should be fined for not having a the stick come out when the bus was stopped as well as the stop sign by the drivers side not coming out as well. Also not sure I saw any red flashing lights either. Driver to blame as well for not paying attention.


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