Watch: Las Vegas Police Release More Video From Night Of Massacre


Raw video: Las Vegas Metro Police Department releases body cam footage as officers make way to Stephen Paddock’s room at the Mandalay Bay hotel during the attack as automatic gunfire is heard in background.



  1. Several years ago a Jewish religious professional went to a big Posek in the city to justify the accusation of a person convicted. “And I even have video clips to prove the person’s crime,” he said. “Bring me the videos,” the Rav told him. A week later he came with the videos. “Too late,” the Rav said. “You can leave.”
    Does one have to be a big Rabbi to realize this?

    • Yup, let’s bring out the conspiracy theories. It was the FBI who did it, it was the Martians, it was the Freemason, of course it was the Mosad….

        • Poor little troll, sulking that his incessant stream of lies are all so easily debunked.
          Ooohh, look! Right behind you! It’s Elvis! And the tooth fairy! Flying a UFO!

      • Very scary I don’t think that this happened this way. I will read the Jewish press Arnold Fine is my favorite and will eport back later. Everyone please relax I am safe.


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