Watch: Lag Baomer 5778 with Rav Binyomin Eisenberger



  1. Who made this Rabbi famous? Is he Chassidic? Is he Ashkenazik? Are those dancing in the video his followers or are they just revelers who were passing by?

    • He is from Ashkenazic background, Chasam Sofer Oberlander type, learned in Lucerne, Mir, etc. However, his congregation is Sfard-Hasidic, so he is acting like a Chasidishe Rebbe here.

      • Excuse me sir. I take offense to the word “acting” you use. Highly inappropriate for a man of that statue. He’s very far from “acting”. He’s as real as they come.
        Please apologize for that.

        • Joel – relax. 🙂

          Acting has more than one meaning. If someone says, for example, President George W. Bush, acting with great strength, rallied the country after the September 11 terrorist attacks, does that mean that they are saying he was a phony? No. It means that he did the acts that he did with strength.

          Acting means to perform acts. Acts are deeds – maasim.

  2. This is a video of the band that played. Where is a video of the Rov himself? A Band is a band is a band but seeing the heiliga Rov Shlit”a is what I was hoping to see here

  3. To oy vey.

    I agree with you .
    I am an outsider that has been intrigued by this Rabbi. I’ve seen in the past multiple videos of this Rabbi on various outlets on social Media. Never met him in person. But feel a certain sense of electrifying greatness. I’ve been saddened by not being able to upload more videos. As today I’ve seen this one. I have been cheated by mostly seeing an orchestra playing music. A far cry to my expectations.

    If there is anyone that can lead me in the right direction I would be greatful.


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