Watch: Kurtz: Why President Trump Keeps Pounding The Press


‘MediaBuzz’ host Howard Kurtz weighs in on President Trump saying via Twitter that all the networks, with one notable exception, are unfair to him and should compete for the ‘Fake News Trophy.’




  1. Don’t fool yourself and don’t lie, Mr. Kurtz. Yes, President Trump is right. All mainstream media are fake news. They all use the same leftist leaning anti-Trump reports twisting some words here and there, making sure that his popularity not be too high even if the economy, stock market, unemployment, etc. is far far better than the last dozens of years (which of course is never reported on any MSM) and even worldwide satisfaction and confidence in him is unparalleled with any previous US President (and also never mentioned on any MSM). Trump compares MSM to Real News he reads daily – what a difference!

  2. The problem Mr. Anonymous is that people have lost a distinction between opinion journalism and straight based news reporting. When you have a roundtable discussion with everyone giving their point of view, that is obviously opinion and is protected by the 1st amendment. But evening news is straight reporting. You may not and don’t have to like on what they’re reporting but it IS what happened that day or is a topical piece worth covering. PLEASE, dear sweet yid, don’t fall for this media canard. It is the breakdown of our democracy to say the press is the enemy of the people. Without them we’d be in FAR worse shape, I assure you. Trump is a man who has authoritarian tendencies and he needs to be kept in check.

    • The evening “news” is supposed to be officially “what happened”. However, only 5 percent of media coverage has been positive about this president’s administration any time of the day. You have to be blind and deaf not to notice it. How come msm evening “news” never included President Trump’s mega accomplishment whether local or abroad?

  3. I’ve got a real sad sobering truth for you. IF the evening news is only reporting the good news, you’re living in a dangerous foreign country. Here in America, we are not sycophants to any administration. Trump is doing a wonderful job at making us think the press is defying their reason for existence if they are not reporting his accomplishments. In reality, They are doing their job in the spirit of classic journalism because they cover what happened. A bill signing, they’re there. A cabinet meeting they’re there. They are wherever HE wants them. You should be asking what’s happening when he doesn’t want them. Or when he doesn’t want to answer the tough questions and justify his actions and policies. But in Trump’s world, if you are against him you are his enemy and worthy of derision. This is NOT America. By the way which “mega accomplishment” would you like covered?


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