Watch: “Klal Yisroel Owes Him” – Rabbi Nosson Scherman’s Surprising Declaration



  1. I wish you had stated who you were referring to. I thought it meant President Trump for Yerushalayim and commuting Rubashkin’s sentence.

    • Not only the first 2 words. But a few tim s within the short clip he mentions it. In addition to his name written on the clip.

      Hatzlacha raba Beas goel tzedek.

    • It’s all a game of semantics. Every Yeshiva/Mosod owes hakaras hatov to their founder. That is the right and correct thing to do. However, every yeshiva/mosod when making a dinner, always makes out their honorees to be the greatest thing since sliced bread. They have to, otherwise the check will bounce.

  2. I wasn’t commenting on what R’ Scherman actually said. The headline tease “Klal Yisroel Owes Him” should have been a little more descriptive. I thought it was about President Trump and what he did regarding Yerushalayim and Rubashkin.


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