Watch: Kavanaugh: I Am Deeply Honored To Fill Kennedy’s Seat


President Trump nominates Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.




    • You’re right but apparently the President knows something about him and the other choices that makes him the best choice – hopefully.

    • Remember: Lev melachim vesarim beyad Hashem – The hearts of kings and princes are in the hands of Hashem.
      Obviously, this was Hashem’s pick. Now we need to pray we should see the tov, that he’s good for America and for Jews.

    • Good point. The President should of nominated the only true conservative left in this country, Jeb Bush. What a wasted opportunity by the evil white racist in the white house.

    • It’s a smart move. Had Hillarey been elected it would be by now 6 to 3 liberal majority. Now it’s still 5 to 4 conservative. The next pick will be the real shot against the liberals. When Ginsberg leaves. Then it’s gonna be a circus. Trump 2020

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