Watch: John Brennan: ‘Trump Not Smart Enough To Realize Putin’s Playing Him’


John Brennan, Former CIA Director under President Obama, reacts to news of the Russian Summit between Trump and Putin: ‘I think Mr. Trump is turning a blind eye to [Russian meddling] because it doesn’t help what he wants to do. It poses an obstacle, an impediment to having continuing this relationship with his good friend, Mr. Putin.



  1. What else would we expect this incompetent to say? His machasheifa lost, so he is farbissen and will do or say anything to discredit the duly elected President. Well, guess what, he has no credibility.

  2. Obama’s ex-CIA director Brennan the Muslim CROOK converted to Islam while stationed in Saudi Arabia and married a Muslim woman. He was the mastermind behind the Russian election interference hoax to retaliate against Putin for blocking his operations in Russia and Syria. This revenge gave him the opportunity to achieve two aims at once; against Putin and against President Trump. Brennan is eating himself alive that his hoax is not working out the way he planned and is still planning on all fronts to get rid of the President.

    • Brennan is still calling on the White House Cabinet to revolt against Trump. This guy is dangerous! Very dangerous and should be arrested! I hope President Trump doesn’t stand too close to this Muslim because he’s apt to be a suicide bomber.

  3. A despicable human being, He voted for the Communist party in a presidential election this alone would have disqualified for the job he held except under the traitorous Hussain Obaheima.


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