Watch: Jewish Brooklyn Woman Tells News Reporter Her ‘Spiritual Leader’ Told Her Not To Vaccinate



    • The lady has a very well-informed rabbi. In my own community, a posek advised people who were concerned with the toxins in these vaccines not to vaccinate their child. People, do your own research. These vaccines are dangerous and can cause serious autoimmune disorders such as MS, autism, diabetes and leukemia. Does anyone wonder why there are so many children in hospitals, r”l, sick with cancer?

  1. i understand what she is trying to convey, but what right does she have to force what her ‘spiritual leader’ advises her to do on me and mine. she is within rights to do what she thinks is best for her own children so let her keep them home with her and not force me, whose own leaders advise something else for my family, to expose my children who get the opposite advice. my infant grandchild, who was too young for vaccination, was exposed to the measles. that baby was not allowed back to the baby sitter for3 weeks. either one of the parents had to take off from work or yeshiva or they had to find a reklative who had no kids at home to care for their child. who was to pay for this?

    • Too bad. Get over it. It’s a free country. If you want to be totally protected, build an underground bunker deep in the hills of Idaho. There you can live forever.

    • if the babies mother would have had the measles as a child, the baby would be protected with his mother’s antibodies for at least a year after birth. This problem that you had was actually CAUSED by the vaccines.

    • have you ever wondered who helps the parents whose children were injured from vaccines? they may have to take off from work or yeshiva for much longer than 3 weeks.

    • Why is she not right? The danger of vaccination has well been proven. On the other hand, there’s no proof that vaccination prevents one from getting the measles. In fact, it has been proven over and over, again and again, on this site and other MSM sites that vaccination does NOT prevent one from getting measles. Had vaccination proven to work, they wouldn’t need to force you to get the injection because the only ones who’d get the measles would be the unvaccinated.

      • Stupid to say that, vaccination definitely reduces the risk of measles, we are not told to take it for nothing…
        How many people have you put at risk because of your selfish behaviour?
        We are living in a community, between people you have to think about others not only about yourself

  2. Answering that my spritual leader told me soo and so is a major slippery slope. Any person from any religion can say this exact thing and try to get away ehen harming others .Hamavin yavin

  3. I was sent this the other day, seems appropriate
    How antivaxxers sound to the rest of us.
    I once almost choked to death while eating food. I did my own research and discovered that I am not alone. Thousands of people choke every year while eating, and hundreds of those people die. That’s why I don’t feed my kids. It’s dangerous. Now plenty of people will point out that food supposedly “prevent starvation,” and that might be true, but it’s not fair to completely ignore all the dangers food poses, like choking, allergies, gingivitis, and garlic breath. I’m just saying, do your own research and decide what you think is best for your kids. If you choose to give your kids potentially deadly food, that’s your problem, but as a parent I don’t think the government has any right to tell me that I need to feed my kids.

  4. She did have some valid points.

    She basically said, that a preventive medicine should ONLY be used when it is proven to be effective in preventing that disease, AND that it’s not harmful to the body, or carry no risk of harming the body.

    She claims that these diseases have risks and are not so effective, therefore her “Spiritual” leader told her not to do it.

    Since English is clearly not her first language, she did have a hard time articulating here thoughts.

    The FAKE headline, just portraits the author of this site as another “click and bait” amateur….

    BTW all my children Vaccinate….

    But I’m getting sick a tired of watching our yiddisher sites using the FAKE tactics of the EVIL secular media. Please stop!
    Just report the news!

  5. Looks like all above does not know at all what a chilul Hashem mean!
    Not everything you don’t agree on means a chilul Hashem it means he has a different opinion!!!

  6. These parents need to be ostracized. They are a danger to the public and the city and state must take action to stop the spread. Cult members do not acknowledge established science and the view of 99.99% of medical experts as well as 99.99% of rabbonim. Her pride in allowing her children to have contracted Measles would have been quickly tempered had they developed one of the serious complications or Chas V”Shalom death. As a physician who has seen these outcomes, this is clearly a negligent parent. I am not shocked but I am embarrassed that a supposedly frum Jew speaks with such arrogance and lack of concern for others. We as a community must take a stance and NOT allow these children(victims of their parent’s stupidity) into our schools, shuls, and public spaces. They have and will continue to purposely expose others to prove a point. This point will be lost when we see the first Measles death here in New York. Israel has already had two confirmed deaths (in children) and a suspected third case.

    • These parents happen to be very knowledgeable and most of them have done extensive amounts of research on vaccines or have seen vaccine injuries firsthand before coming to the conclusion not to vaccinate. And I don’t think a parent that doesn’t want to take the risk of the possible side affects (listed on vaccine insert) or inject harmful ingredients into their child (also listed on vaccine insert) is a negligent parent.

  7. Total, 100% in agreement, with ‘Doc Who Knows’. These parents ARE stupid; but, the ‘Root Cause’ is their IGNORANCE. The latter, provides the fertile ‘ground’ for brainwashing by ‘not so stupid’ religious cult leaders who, knowingly & perhaps unknowingly, are adept in keeping their members ‘in check’. Sort of a mental prison.

    • So basically your making fun of and putting down Chassidim. You were probably one of those that condemned the big livaya last week as well. What a racist.

  8. I highly suggest a book called “Vaccines-A Reappraisal” by family physician for 50 years, Dr. Richard Moskowitz. He has a BA from Harvard, Phi Beta Kappa, and a medical degree from NYU School of Medicine. I would not call him ignorant nor stupid.

  9. An antivaxer has a heart attack. He’s rushed to ER, but during the emergency surgery, his heart stops, rendering him clinically dead.

    Before he knows it, he’s face to face with none other than God himself, Author of the Universe, Maker of All. God smiles beatifically and says, “Don’t worry. The doctors working on you are good; you’ll be back in no time. But as long as you’re here, do you have any questions you’d like to ask?”

    The antivaxer thinks and says, “I know there must be reasons, beyond our understanding, why evil is allowed to exist. But why on Earth do you allow the evil, corrupt system of vaccines to exist?!”

    God shakes His head, patiently. “My child,” He says, “It is not evil to be mistaken. Which is to your benefit, because in this case, the mistake is yours. Just as so many people have tried to tell you over the years, vaccines are effective and far safer than the diseases they protect against. I give you My Word on that. Now, return, with My Peace upon you.” Suddenly, the antivaxer is staring up at the ceiling of an operating room, as his heart starts beating on its own once more.

    By the time he’s able to receive visitors, the man is desperate to talk to his antivax friends, to let them know the vital truth he brought back from the other side. He calls them all and insisted that they be there at his side the very minute he’s cleared to see anyone – he has huge, huge, HUGE news for them.

    Finally, his friends are gathered around him, and he motions for them to gather close. “It turns out,” he starts, “the conspiracy goes a LOT higher up than we thought…”

  10. I live in Lakewood and my neighbor is from Williamsburg originally. She does not vaccinate. Obviously I do. Why do I have to be all worried should chas v’shalom her kids come down with it.. I honestly think she’s nuts (excuse my language but I’m just very annoyed). She happens to look like such a caring mother and it’s just so mind boggling like where are the brains. It is simply not fair to me to be doing my hishtadlus vaccinating my own children, only to be concerned that my next door neighbor can potentially harm us ch”v. Enough already if this nonsense! You don’t want to vaccinate, go quarantine yourself somewhere with the other crazy people. And with all the crazy people excusing themselves due to religious reasons, maybe some grand Rabbi like Rav Chaim Kanievsky can issue a kol korei that it is an aveirah and huge Chillul Hashem not to vaccinate.

  11. Doc who knows:can I ask you a theoretical question? could u sign here that the next patient who is administered a vaccine in your office, and chas vshalom comes down with serious illness within the next ten days of receiving the vaccine. Example: autisim, hearing loss, seizure, sids… would you compensate with $100,000? As of now you are not liable if something happens with the child that has been vaccinated in your office…. how can we shut up the cries and pain of Hundreds of parents who’s children have clearly been vaccine injured for life?!wake up! Smell the coffee! Do your research! Thoroughly look into both sides! May hashem protect us all!

  12. Good to hear there are rabbis who don’t by into all the pharmaceutical industry brainwashing. Most diseases were eradicated via better hygiene, most particularly indoor plumbing. Measles is not a deadly disease. One gets over it and builds natural immunity.

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