Watch: Jew vs. Jew – Amona Evacuation Amid Tears and Cries



    • MK Smotrich’s comparison of the Amona evacuation to the rape of a woman is reprehensible.

      I repeat…So much for various Jewish “judges” now.

  1. If they were smart they would have hired a few Aharonim from Williamsburg they would get the job done in no time and not suffer from PTSD

  2. After ghettos’ destructions, Germans would line up the local kapos, commend them for the loyal service, then proceed to shoot them.

  3. As I counselled 6 weeks ago, the Amona people should vacate ASAP and in a peaceful manner.

    The court’s ruling is correct. There has to be an agreed upon command and control structure in the Holy Land. Otherwise Civil War is a real threat. The Amona people and their supporters must not impede or harm the IDF soldiers and/or Police sent there.

    Dov Lior and others of his ilk need to yield to a certain management paradigm now. They are at a philosophical dead-end. As I have known since 2005, Dov Lior’s interpretation of the Tanach is severely flawed. So much for various Jewish “judges.”

    As history attests, the Jewish people are blessed when they heed the right counsellors and are punished when they don’t.


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