Watch: Jew Has Wallet Filled With Cash Stolen While Walking In Brooklyn



  1. It is ridiculous to have your wallet in the back pocket, you might as well write an invitation to steal it. Keep your wallet in your jacket pocket or shirt pocket not your back pocket. That is what we were told, yes I am a native new Yorker.

  2. more than a hundred years ago, my grandfather’s pocket was picked. as was practical in those days on the streets of brooklyn, what the thief got was my zeida’s stash of toilet paper!

  3. I can’t believe that he chased after the thief! What’s more important, his money or his life?? All too often do we hear stories of people getting killed in a fight over a parking spot, what makes you think this is different? You can never know what he is capable of. Your obviously not dealing with the most upright individual, to say the least. As the old saying goes, The hero is the one who comes out alive!

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