WATCH: Jew and a Muslim Carry Out Social Experiment on the Streets of New York


Moe and Al went out in the streets of New York dressed as a Muslim and Jew respectively, wishing to see how people react.




  1. It is a lousy get-up. Easy for anyone living in an orthodox Jewish neighborhood to spot the fraud. That is why they called the cops, not for fear of muslims.
    Peace out!

  2. This is a kumbaya video which paints the phony illusion that everything is peace between Arab and the Jews. We should not be deceived. There are a great number of violent Jihadists who would harm us at any opportunity. If one must deal with a Muslim, he should deal with him with respect but achabdayhu veachashdayhu.

  3. Could prophesy be any greater? I read the streimel was a response to an antisemitic attack on Israel that jews wear fox and animal tails on their heads. Thus the jewish oeople enunciated it to bring us and our people honor.

    If all thoughts are right, the arabs who want to drive us into the sea can be honored too.

    We should build a battleship.

    Israel needs defense and an arab plan to drive us into the sea should be honored.

    Maximum displacement necessary.


    It will do the job.

  4. Who cares where they went really or how people reacted? Go to Gaza and you’ll see that it’s a prophecy happening in our days. Ishmael will make us scream to Hachem…

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