Watch: Israeli Policeman Beats Up Chareidi Motorist in Ramot


In Ramot, Israel, a policeman on a motorcycle stopped a vehicle.

He then began to yell at the chareidi driver and beat him.

According to witnesses, the policeman wanted to arrest the driver and he objected.

The policeman attacked him, punching him.

The video of this police abuse was recorded by eyewitnesses.



  1. I can’t wait for all those zionist loving pigs justify this murderous act of violence may Hashem pour his wrath on these animals and replace them with Moshiach Tzidkanu

  2. This chutzpadik Israeli can’t understand or follow instructions. He needs a day or 2 in the slammer to calm him down.

      • Show me last time a Chareidei punched a non violent chiloni in the face knowingly on camera, in front of the guys wife & kids, and that’s without mentioning the pepper spray etc.
        Had that happened he’d be called much worst than “Beast”.
        Not saying the guy was compliant, but the Police also added in their statement that while the driver was wrong for not complying with the officer,the violent reaction of the officer against an unarmed man went too far and he is now under investigation.


  4. Police brutality is a problem all over the world. Give a gun to A low caliber power-hungry individual and he will abuse his power and let out all his life stress on unassuming civilians. It’s an outcry

    • Thank you. I’ve been saying the exact same thing about these lowlife donut eaters who “work” for the NYPD.

  5. Actually what fo you think happens right here in the USA. If a police officer asks for your license & you refuse you’re going to get arrested. And if you physically fight off the officer during that attempted restraint of you. Well then you’re gonna have your head busted here too. Nothing to do with “evil zionists”.

  6. No chareidi should join the immoral army of the tziyonim. And Orthodox american Jews should demand an investigation into these chareidi hating cops. The more I see this evil how Arab killers are released by these sick atheistic israeli government while Jews are beaten and evicted from their homes,I think satmar is right. Allowing gay parades in Jerusalem will bring a holocaust upon Israel. Raising a million jewish Israeli kids with no Yeshiva education is evil. No Shul in the world should allow the display of an Israeli flag. It should be removed to the garabage.

    • does it now? and where did you learn that? do you see Zionists throwing babies on to bayonets? what about slave labor camps? death camps? hmm.. so how do you jump to such disgusting rhetoric? spend to much time in a satmer cheider?

  7. This is inflammatory and lacking context.

    What happened before the cameras started?

    It is irresponsible to post this without context. I thought Matzav was somewhat responsible.

    We are supposed to daven for שלומה של מלכות.

  8. “the policeman wanted to arrest the driver and he objected.”

    The policeman should have immediately asked forgiveness and desisted since the driver objected.

    Arrests should be limited to those who welcome them.

  9. Driver had no LICENSE! Driving with his kid’s in the car. Not every Yid with a kipah is a Tzadik. Not every Cop is a Rasha!

  10. No context here,
    Why was he stopped
    Why was he not complying
    There’s clearly more to the story than the slanted version of events presented in this cropped video

  11. Shame on you Matzav. This is not called reporting. This is incitement. Israel is a country like any other and must have rules like any other. If you resist arrest and try to fight with the police officer, that’s what happens to you. Aside from which there is absolutely no context in this video that might what the severity of what this man did might have been. If anything, this video is more telling of Chareidi dysfunction than of Chiloni brutality. A Jew should never be acting like this, even while getting arrested, even if wrongly. Like an animal. Hashem yishmor. Shame on you Matzav. I really don’t know why I still check this sight. Pure garbage.

  12. Irresponsible reporting and Loshon Hora. Dangerous if accepted at face value. You imply that the man was innocent As a neighbor I can fill in some of the blanks. This man was driving in a dangerous manner, children not buckled in as per the law no car-seat for baby. When stopped and asked for TZ and Drivers licensed (a standard request), the man refused and fought the policeman. In what country is it ok to be uncooperative to the police? What Rav would sanction such behavior. What Rav would sanction such reporting? I know every news reporting has a slant and angle, just surprised to see it so blatant. Matzav should apologize to the police.

  13. The tziyonim hate Torah jews.
    Stop making these Jew hating cops into Tzaddikim. They hate us.
    When satmar used to post stickers the Zionism equals nazism, I used to wonder.
    Now as I got older I realize that the nazis killed Jews physically but the tziyonim kill Jews spiritually. Spiritually is worse. Let’s examine what the history of tziyonim was since 1948
    They destroyed the religious yeminite Jews by separating parents and putting the kids into non religious kibbutzim.
    Stole The yeminite Babies and gave them to secular homes.
    Forced Jews who died in hospitals to be cut up in autopsies against the family will.
    Murdered a million jewish babies from 1948 to 1967 through abortions. Every female soldier is entitled to three free abortions.
    Spent two and a half years using their Mossad to search for a little ten year old boy yossele schumacher who was being raised religious and because of that neglected the capture of Nazi mengela. To these Zionist a Jew being removed from Torah is priority.
    Threw out 9000 jews from gush Katif and uprooted their cemetery of 50 graves.
    Allow and pay for gay parades all over Israeli cities including Jerusalem.
    Digging of graves where Jews are buried without concern.
    Allowing tattoo shops all over israel including Jerusalem.
    Allowing chillul shabbos all over israel including Jerusalem.
    Yes the Zionist are worse than the nazis satmar is right and I’m just a flatbush yid.

  14. Very unfortunate that this incident happened but big yashar koach to Matzav for reporting the news like it is. Unlike others who have been becoming increasingly pro zionist and anti frum. It’s for this very reason I read Matzav when I want to check up on the news. Keep up the great work!

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