Watch: ISIS Bride Insists She Can Return To The United States




  1. Shes a dreamer and we need her here with all the others. Bernie sanders should take her as chief of staff. Aoc and the others.

  2. No citizen who was a traitor (joined ISIS) should be allowed to return! Her citizenship is AUTOMATICALLY revoked for a traitor!!!!

      • Because John Kerry never burned his passport (this woman in question tweeted the burning of her passport on purpose to implicitly waive any alleged citizenship assuming she ever was a citizen, which is not even clear to start with).

  3. what does she mean by ‘insists’? since when does one who willingly moved from this country to a country which seeks to destroy the american way of life have any rights of return at all? she is going to tell us what her rights are? in the country from which she wishes to return she has no ‘rights’ at all


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