Watch: Ingraham: The Good News They’re Not Telling You


While others continue to parrot conspiracy theories and cover issues that mean nothing to our daily lives, know that things are getting demonstratively better in big ways and small.




  1. That’s all nice and sweet, but I am out of work (downsized) so all this rosey stuff doesn’t put bread on my table. Doesn’t do squat for me.

    • Well, the unemployment rate is down to the beginning of the 1970s. If you are ready to work and not out to continue being unemployed, go out and look for a job.
      “yagati velo matzasi – al taamin (I have toiled and did not find (success) – Don’t believe him.)” (Megila 6b)

  2. Now, Ingraham, go tell this to those relishing Fake News.

    Because the economy is 100 fold better than the 8 years of their god Obama, is reason enough for Steyer and other liberal bigots to impeach the President.


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