Watch: Immigration Raids: Protocol, Trump Crackdown, Or Hysteria?


Immigration authorities arrested more than 600 people across at least 11 states last week, sparking fear among liberals and advocates. But is it libs or Trump stoking fear? And what about Mexico vowing to clog up US court system.




  1. These people in the media and TV commentators are in such a hate mode for Trump and the US government now they refused to report correctly. The people being round up are known felons, murders, thieves, etc. who have been deported before in other presidencies, but with less hysteria, in fact if not reading correct news you would have not know in other presidencies have done this too. I ask then is it fair that illegal felons can roam the streets doing crimes and united States citizens who do the same offenses be put to jail for the same offenses??? And I bet there is no hysteria in the TV, newspapers or commentators.


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