Watch: Illegal Immigrant Parents Using Kids as Pawns


Thomas Homan on the liberal hysteria surrounding separating illegal immigrant children from their families.



  1. It is disgustring to se that so called Torahdike Ydden are defending the Nazi method of seperating parents from their children. There is no defense what so ever for this Nazi behavior. “I will make you to a priesthood among the peoples” is something that seems to be unknown among former and present yeashive bocherim. Maybe they have missed it because they are not trusted to learn toire beMoishe, only toire beRebbanan aka Shash/.

    • you have nerve to compare this to your friends the nazis. DONT YOU TRIVALIZE WHAT THE NAZIS DID TO THE YIDDEN, YOU BRAIN DEAD FOOL!
      what about 1000’s of children who are separated from thier parent or parents because they were convicted of crimes, rape,murder blue collar crimes etc etc and are rotting in jail…IS THAT ALSO NAZIS??!!!’
      you have nerve to campare to nazis who torcherd, gassed, bake in oven alive, staved , made lampshades, soap bars from humans .for your low life brain dead lberal friends EVERY LITTLE INFRACTION THAT IS DONE (by our President Trump,G-D bless him)is …NAZIS, NAZIS…so, STOP trivalizing the achzurious your friends did to the yidden..
      matbe your nazi because they walked on 2 leg and so do you?!

    • and wernt criminals thrown in jail without thier children bizman habais? from your qoute about ‘yeshivah bocherim’ it shows your not a shomer torah …so what about 613 you deny…’i will make you to preisthood’ is not when one breaks the law and smuggles children with them so flatheads like you should have pity
      do you know such people in beis hamikdosh time would be ‘moired bemlchis’ and they would get death penalty ‘priesthood regardless’. so dont come with your misplaced piety

    • to ‘a special place…’.
      ‘toireh beMoishe’ ‘torah aka shash’ you revealed yourself as we say in ‘jake davis’ 6/19 9 59
      you are not jewish maybe karite as you seem not to believe in torah bal peh
      so what u doing on this site ? go to meormon site

  2. He happens to be right. These immigrants know what’s going to happen if they come in here illegally.
    Nevertheless, they STILL come…

  3. A Sheinem Dank to felber felber, RAM and jake davis! You just proved that I am right. Enjoy your stay with AH, HH, AE and the rest of the gang in The Special place…
    ! am the only serviving member of a very large Galizianer Bobover Mishpoche. So absolutly none of you (not even the moderaters of this site) is in a moral position of telling me ANYTHING!

    • we will decide whos in position to say or not to say moral stuff
      ..who and what you are is not relavent, its what you say so
      according to what you said…..see…back to our posts

    • to special (what?)
      you decide whats your moral position and i will decide whats my moral position…meantime your moral position pretty twisted (see back to our post which you didnt )

    • to special place’aka high moral(??)
      you still didnt answer ‘HOW DARE YOU TRIVALIZE AND COMPARE ….SEE FELB FELBER JUN 19 730, Mr Moral ‘expert’!!

  4. Amazing to see how many people have traded in their Yiddishkeit for Hannity-keit.
    So people come here illegaly. Sure its not great. But to deliberately separate them from their kids?

    • trade yiddish kite? for what?, whats hannity-kite? and what yiddishkei your talking about what part of our yidiskeit? please elaborate so we can do tsuvah and return to ‘yiddish keit’ but fast. dont want to be without yiddishkeit even a second

  5. as someone said on the radio today, i dont know that anyone was knocking on the nazi’s doors to let their children in

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