Watch: IDF Tovels Keilim For Pesach



  1. We don’t need to hear about the IDF thank you very much. You are giving the false impression that it cares about yiddishkite when the IDF assaults it in every way.

  2. Matzav? do you think the IDF cares about religion?
    Or did you turn into a zionistic website like your other online “friends”?

  3. Mr. Israel and Mr. Yankel,
    You obviously never had to serve in the IDF, as some of us here in Eretz Yisroel had to, whether we wanted to or not. It is for the religious soldiers that there is an IDF Rabbonus that toivels and kashers keilim the whole year round and for Pesach, and sees to it that there is at least a minimum level of kashrus on the army bases. I personally never ate cooked food in the army, but there is a big difference between a treif kitchen and a minimally kosher kitchen.
    For whatever the IDF Rabbonus does do (within the constraints put upon them), we should be thankful. However, there are those who don’t see any of the good and focus exclusively on the bad. Not a good mida.
    Everyone have a kusherin un freilichin Pesach!

  4. Wonderful thing,
    The IDF is far from being an ideal place for a Yeshiva boy, but it’s definitely the most Jewish army on earth.
    If anyone wants to hear only negative things on the IDF, they can browse Al Jazzera. Matzav is an objective unbiased Orthodox Jewish website, it shouldn’t hide the Yidishkeit problems in the IDF, nor should it hide the positive points.


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