Watch: IDF Snipers Picking Off Dangerous Terrorists



    • And certainly publicizing this video won’t help. “Look at them shooting kids who only have slingshots and then cheering the hits with vulgar language.”

  1. For all you liberal dummies wondering why these terrorists are being shot, it’s meant as a deterrent for other terrorists who are thinking of throwing bombs or stones that kill. When they see their buddies being shot, that instills fear into them knowing that they are being watched and that any second they can be next. The reason this video was released is to show that only those engaging in violence are being targeted, not those who are standing around peacefully.

  2. To Aa it’s real bullets. Check ur facts. To third grader. Ur name is appropriate as ur the dummy. Despite ur out of control Zionist feelings, in this civilized world we don’t shoot and kill someone who doesn’t deserve it just to ‘teach’ people a lesson. That’s not how it works. Nobody had problem with them shooting those that were throwing bombs and posing real threat. What most have issue with is shooting and killing guys with sling shots. This is from army that put soldier in jail for giving an extra bullet to real terrorist, but it’s fine to kill a guy with a slingshot from a mile away? Come on.

    • Hey touchis. If a terrorist on the streets of NYC would use a slingshot to hurl a stone at a NYPD officer, would you blame the officer for shooting at the terrorist?! Climb back into the hole from which you came and learn how to spell in English.


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