Watch: “I Feel Great,” Says Man After Taking Daled Minim for First Time, Sukkos 5777



  1. Nice touchy feely. Will they follow up with this person to teach him thinking Yiddisheit instead of robotics? Probably not.

    And there’s the riub,

  2. A mitzva is robotics? Maybe time to start learning chassidus to develop some emuna peshuta in the koiach of a mitzva to connect a yid to the eibhshter

    • I am a Chossid; not a Lubavitcher one, though. Certainly there is koach to every mitzvah, but getting an unaffiliated Jew to do one Mitzvah in his or her life as a driveby is not as effective as sitting down with them, learning some basic hashkafah, and getting them to agree to come to a Torah class.

      • Absolutely, yet it is much better than the same thing without the arba minim shaken once in decades. I doubt this gentleman would be willing to go to a Torah class, but maybe, if he will in the future, I think he will fondly remember sukkot 5777. A good seal to everyone.


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