Watch: Huckabee On Obama: “I Am So Outraged, I Can Hardly Contain Myself”



  1. Mike Huckabee would of been a great President. It’s too bad the Rino wing of the Republican Establishment swamp threw him under the bus. They were planning on coronating the big dummy Jeb, as their new leader. Now we are stuck with the unknown, Trump.

  2. These goyinm you quote like huckabee and Hugh Hewitt only wantto convert the Jewis people. They are the real shonim of our people.

    • Why are you promulgating such a lie. It’s paranoid individuals like you, who everytime a Gentile says nice things about Yidden or Israel, you right away throw out these libelous claims of, they are trying to convert us. Such asinine attitudes. The Torah tells us that there are righteous goyim. Grow up already.


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