Watch: How To Make (Ultra-Long) Bein Hazmanim More Productive For Your Son


Let’s face it. Bein Hazmanim these days can last a really long time.

Sure, it’s nice to finally get to spend time with your son. But the fact is, TOO MUCH downtime can be unhealthy.

In today’s segment, we’ll share ideas and strategies to help your son have a more productive bein hazmanim, and spend his time doing healthy things, without feeling too much pressure or negative vibes from you, his parents. and The Jewish Music Channel present this bein hazemanim discussion.




  1. An emmeseh Ben Torah doesn’t go to restaurants. Who is this guy giving out grosser aitza’s? What’s his name? Who are his rebbeim?

    • please try to speak productively and actually accomplish something with your thoughts.
      this guy is just using his own brain which a hashem gave us. whether or not “An emmeseh Ben Torah” goes to restaurants is irreverent. he is just making a suggestion to which he tells everyone to evaluate for themselves what is appropriate for he or his son is holding.

  2. In my experience, learning with my sons works best when I learn something new, which they didn’t learn in Yeshiva. Otherwise, they may feel like I am testing them.

    • I agree with you. Everytime I’ve tried to learn with my boys at a Avos Ubanim program, what they were learning in yeshiva, I was met with failure. I came to the realization that they became self conscious that they may not know it as well as they thought I perceived it. We tried to learn other subjects but it just didn’t work out. Nu nu. Not every Father can sit and learn with their sons. If it just leads to tension and a general uncomfortable feeling, then you are just defeating the purpose. B”H they are learning well in Yeshiva and we leave it at that. We spend quality time together doing and talking/schmoozing about other things. As long as they learn a little on their own in the local Bais Medrash, everyone is happy. The days fly by so fast. Before they turn around its time for Mincha, Maariv, supper etc… The older ones are busy going to every suit/shoe/shirt/seforim/glasses store etc to try to save $3.00 (even though whatever they think they’re saving, is spent on gas). Nu, B”H. Meantime, I’ve got to work overtime to pay for all of it. B”H.


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