Watch: Hillary Takes A Tumble – TWICE – While Visiting India



  1. I’m definitely not a fan of Hilary. However, I’d like to know how exactly is this news? Also, for a site that ostensibly doesn’t show pictures of women, isn’t it interesting that this self-imposed ban is thrown out the window when there’s an opportunity to make fun of a woman?

    • Chana R – You are sadly a brainwashed liberal. the fact that the person being made fun of is a woman doesn’t mean Matzav makes fun of WOMEN. they are making fun of someone who happens to be a woman but deserves to be made fun of because she’s a hater/liberal

  2. בִּנְפֹ֣ל א֭וֹיִבְךָ אַל־תִּשְׂמָ֑ח
      וּ֝בִכָּשְׁל֗וֹ אַל־יָגֵ֥ל לִבֶּֽךָ׃

  3. To show this, is not derech eretz. It’s not kavod habrios. I can’t stand her politics. I never voted for her.
    I’m still mad that the corrupt Democratic party in NY State allowed this out-of-town interloper/carpetbagger to just waltz in to NY and be coronated as Senator. If Nita Lowey didn’t have such a low self esteem maybe we would just yawn at the mention of Hillary Clinton. We know how Lazio was railroaded.
    Having said all that, to publicize someones physical handicaps just to evoke a laugh, is NEVER appropriate! Don’t you have an elderly Mother or Grandmother that is not steady on their feet anymore? Are you in tip top physical shape with no worries?

  4. Not to say its right or wrong, but the fact is this video gives me great pleasure. This is bad wicked lady who needs to just go away already.

    • Please give us 3 reasons why you have judged her more than any other goyte as a bad wicked lady ?
      After you do that, I will tell you 3 ways that she has benefited the Jewish people.

  5. I think its most definitely newsworthy. For one thing Matzav puts up stories that people really would like to know about and perhaps will stop many of us from going to other news sites and blogs that many of us would rather not go. For that alone Matzav deserves credit.
    That aside, with all due respect to Hillary she has been ridiculing our president ever since she lost the election and in fact even in India where she is right now she was saying really not nice things about a sitting president which is really a new low.
    And so I think it is plenty justified that we get to see what shes all about.
    Can any of us imagine this old haggard woman as our president….

  6. Nebbech, the meds she’s taking are effecting her ability to walk down steps.
    how does she always manage to fall in public?

  7. She is a Jew hater. Had she won the election then Israel would be in deep danger. A miracle she lost. Not only Israel would be in danger but every Yeshiva in America would be forced to teach toeiva and evolution. The advisors around her were extreme atheists. It’s not a secret.

  8. Let her fall and never get up again. The clintons caused 1000 Jews to die in the arafat intifada. They armed them with fifty thousand guns.


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