Watch: Hillary Gets Shoe Thrown At Her During A Speech



  1. She missed!! Bad aim!!! Yes Hillary someone did throw something at you… I’m proud you figured that out! Some people don’t have such respect for you… Sorry to burst your bubble…

  2. This was pre-set for the lady to throw that. Anything, just anything, to make dear Hillary a “victim” again. Oh, poor baby. . Why are they always picking on me?

  3. While I loath that woman, physical violence is not acceptable. The person who threw that shoe, in public, has as much brain matter, and capacity for dialogue, as a run of the mill liberal who torched a truck with the Trump sticker on it. Without basic civility, this country could spin into a cavemen society.

  4. havent you noticed: we are already living in a caveman society. oh, maybe it should be cavewoman society or, as ny’s mayor wants it to read, ‘cave x’ society


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