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torah umesorahTorah Umesorah recently held its largest-ever annual Presidents Conference. Over 500 school presidents, executive directors, lay leaders and board members spent an exhilarating weekend together at a Florida resort, networking, exchanging ideas, and deriving chizuk from partners and colleagues all committed to dedicating their talents and resources to serve the Klal. An additional 25,000 viewers watched the livestreamed sessions remotely.

“The atmosphere was electrifying,” commented a participant. “The networking alone was extraordinary – picture a room filled with hundreds of askonim and executive directors, tapping in to the expertise and knowledge of veterans in their fields. I know a guest who came to the conference with five critical questions/issues for which he needed guidance. He is returning home with solutions and guidance for each one.”

Presenters included Councilman David Greenfield, Mr. Howard Tzvi Friedman, Mr. Jay Schottenstein, Rabbi Avrohom Fruchthandler, Reb Yossel Tabak, Rabbi David Ozeiry, Mr. Bernie Dimont, R’ Gershon Barnett, and many others.

Rabbi Aaron Kotler, Reb Mendy Klein, Rabbi Herschel Leiner and others served as Q&A hosts at a riveting networking breakfast.  The room was charged as guests and hosts discussed community involvement, cultivating leadership, marketing strategy, and procuring government funding.

Three branded lounge areas unveiled Torah Umesorah’s new logo and message: Every School. Every Teacher. Every Child. Each environment displayed figures and photos of Torah Umesorah’s work and accomplishments, along with striking 45 second video clips showcasing the vital role the organization is filling by providing resources to schools, teachers, and children.

The weekend was spent in the company of Harav Shmuel Kamenetsky and Harav Hillel David, who both addressed the crowd on Shabbos.

A beautiful Melava Malka barbecue concluded the evening. Set out under the stars, and accompanied by the heartfelt singing of Abish Brodt, the evening was an enchanting conclusion to an extraordinary weekend.

“We are returning inspired, infused with new ideas to improve our schools, to better the salaries of rebbeim, to develop and maintain our institutions to educate our children even better,” was the refrain as guests departed. “We are amazed by the commitment and accomplishments of Torah Umesorah, and their unceasing work on behalf of our children and Klal Yisroel.”


Torah Umesorah 8th Annual Presidents Conference from Torah Umesorah on Vimeo.

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