Watch: Hate Crime Victim Lipa Schwartz Thanks Judge Freier



  1. Don’t understand yidish 100%. Is he a genuine fool or was he pressured to say that it’s all fine and dandy that a “first chasidishe woman judge”, whom our own community elected, puts her career ahead of our community, even though judges in this country have dictatorial powers in their courtrooms – certainly enough judicial power not to decrease bail to 15k and then not to recuse herself when the hatecharges were added? Cowardice is a symptom. The disease is “every man for himself” syndrome, caused by substituting cliques instead of only one unit called Am Yisroel.

    • Past Friday in court, the case was assigned to “Spanish” Judge Raymond Rodriguez who upheld Judge Freier’s decision to keep the Bail at $15,000 despite that the DA upgraded the charges from a 3rd degree Attempted Assault to a Hate Crime & Attempted Murder,
      If 15K bail is low, why didnt the Spanish Judge make the bail higher when the crime was upgraded to a HATE CRIME ?

      • The case was reassigned to judge Rodriguez after judge Ruchie recused herself after first lowering the bail. Apparently judge Rodriguez didn’t think it is such a big deal that extremely violent Jew-hating psychopath should be allowed to walk the streets until his court date, which may well be in a year or so. After all, we didn’t elect Rodriguez. The reason why we elected judge Ruchie in the first place was to represent our cause, not to first lower the bail, then recuse herself and indirectly forward the case to a judge not sympathetic to our plight.

        • Judge ruchie ruled the bail at $15K when it was a 3rd degree assault,
          when the case was assigned to judge Rodriguez,
          the DA upgraded it to a HATE CRIME and attempted murder,
          why did he let the bail remain $15K for a HATE CRIME?
          makes no sense what judge Rodriguez ruled.
          where is the outrage ?

  2. We elect judges to represent our cause. We elect judges to make legal decisions, representatives to the Assembly, Senate and Congress represent our cause.
    Civics has gone out the window. We are a 3rd world country, officially. May God rest our soul. America you are dead.

    • whats with supreme court ?
      why cant we elect the judges ?
      why do we let trump put in kavanaugh after all allegations ,
      the american ppl should vote for those judges

    • Aimen. I’ve been saying that for years now. We have NO representation from ANY of our so-called “elected” officials. We truly have a one party system in this once great nation. Elections DON’T have consequences! As soon as a candidate “wins” their election, they stab us in the back and throw us under the bus so fast, we don’t know what hit us! All we do is pay their stinking salary! They suffer no consequences on behalf of their inaction or hurting us. We just keep on paying their salaries like guillibe fools. The system is broken. No on represents US! With the Presidency it’s just as bad. The Kennedy, Bush, Clinton families reign supreme. Corruption breeds corruption. Trump “might” be a little different. We’ll see.


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