Watch: Hannity’s Message To The Press: You’ve Been Exposed As Fake


The abusively biased mainstream media continue to prove they are fundamentally incapable of covering President-elect Trump fairly.





  1. Very hard to take Hannity seriously about this – he is just as biased in favor of his personal friend Trump who he favored all along, even in the primaries when he was running against more conservative candidates. Any normal, unbiased person could admit that some things Trump has said and done were less than perfect, but not Sean – he always brushed over or defended everything, Trump could do no wrong in his eyes. The only difference is that whereas the media are biased by their left-wing ideology, Sean Hannity is biased by his personal friendship, the boost in his ratings due to Trump frequenting his show, and very possibly bribes and/or promises from Trump. He can’t talk about bias without being obviously hypocritical.

  2. Of course trump has his issues but nobody in the media works for him like they do do all liberals and they attack republicans like they’ll never attack a democrat

  3. Hits you are 100% wrong. Sean was not for trump in the primaries . He was very partial and said so many times but he was very partial to almost all the candidates on this side.
    He said many times correctly that anybody up on that stage all 17 of them are far far better than what the Democrats are offering.

  4. Sean and Rush are NOT journalists. Their opinions are so biased they cannot be considered journalists. Please come to Canada until Donnies 4 years are over. VAN JONES please run in the next election.

  5. izzy I agree that Sean favored any one of them over Hillary, but it’s also true that he favored Trump over the others and glossed over everything he did, including his immature, disgusting attack on Mrs. Cruz’s appearance etc. I think Trump will make a far better president than Hillary, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be honest and also acknowledge that Sean Hannity is extremely biased, just as biased as the liberal press. He just happens to have been extremely biased for the right candidate.

  6. Sean is one of the lowest of the low on what he calls msm. He certainly is no journalist. I find CNN to be one of the most honest and for the most part fair. I think the criticism of Trump when he blatantly lies is justified. (He is just a very sore loser ie. the popular vote) They are obviously to the left but no more than FOX is right. Hannity just can’t stand someone calling out his man. As for questions from CNN being passed to Hillary, it would certainly be interesting to maybe see some hacked emails from Trump, the RNC, Hannity and FOX. This hacking is what everyone should be outraged about and frankly scared of because it can obviously happen to anyone.

  7. PDW – I’m sorry, but any news network that only fact-checks one of the candidates in their chyrons throughout the summer and that has several negative headlines about Trump (including one linking him to ISIS!?) and NONE about Hillary on one of the last days of the election is not “for the most part fair” – they are blatantly and demonstrably heavily biased.


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