Watch: Hannity On The Politics Of The Kavanaugh Confirmation Battle


Has the debate over Judge Brett Kavanaugh taken us to a new political low? Sean Hannity joins ‘Fox News @ Night with Shannon Bream’ to discuss.



  1. Questions:

    Is it not:

    1. Better to seat no ninth judge at all – than ensconce a Kennedy Relapse?

    2. Better to make it obvious that we have no reliable SCOTUS swing vote – on THE KEY moral issues — than to delude ourselves into imagining that we do?

    3. Better to hold President Trump to his CORE pledge to his PRO-MORALITY BASE for a truly prolife SCOTUS nomination — rather than messaging (everybody with open eyes) that we’re willing to be bought for a few crumbs, in the form of a prospective extension of the infamous Kennedy Legacy?

    4. Better to send a message to the advisors providing faux Conservative nominees, clarifying that when future opportunities appear (e.g. when Frau Ginsburg joins her fellow travelers (just past the sixth floor down)) — we will continue to insist on a full fulfillment of that campaign pledge for a truly prolife Judge — rather than sabotage our future “asking” potential – by caving in for a nominee suspect of suffering from a terminal case of “Kennedy-Moment” Syndrome?


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