Watch: Hannity: Media Want Trump To Fail On The World Stage


Press trying to distract viewers from President Trump’s undeniable initial success in foreign affairs.




  1. The video is missing but to the disappointment of Fake News Media and bitter Leftists who are still seething and whining about Hillary the Criminal-in-Chief’s loss, no other President from the US nor from any other country is as successful and loved as President Trump WORLDWIDE.

  2. Hannity and the right were bitterly disappointed for the last eight years and wished with all their might that Obama would fail.
    They never missed an opportunity to call everything he did a failure.
    What Hannity is saying now is complete baloney and is self serving garbage.

    • Obama was a failure and you know it too. It’s just hard for you to admit the truth, just like it’s hard for you to admit that your Hillary the Devil, serial killer of over 200 people, would have been a first class failure too and would have brought America down the drain even more than Obama. Time to get over it and appreciate and thank Hashem for the greatest gift to America after 8 torturous years of an illegal traitor who brought America down to the lowest level of the abyss.


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