Watch: Hannity: How Did We Go From Collusion To Bank Fraud?


Is Robert Mueller proud of his so-called Russia collusion investigation?



  1. Next investigation from Mueller will be on Trump’s son Barry’s friend. As long as they allow Criminal Mueller investigate Trump and his associates, why should he give up the gold mine?

  2. There should be Immediate demand for investigation and prosecution of every liberal that’s been involved in Hillary Clinton’s crimes. Let’s start holding them accountable and let them see what it’s like when somebody has unlimited resources to attack them

  3. Collusion is still on the agenda.
    The case is still on its way to becoming air tight.
    Cohen is a major piece of the case because he has first hand knowledge of collusion and has flipped against Trump.

  4. Don’t listen to Hannity. Only true conservatives like Romney, Jeb Bush, Kasich, Schiff, & Lincoln Chaffee would never be caught in any scandals. Trump is an evil white alt-right racist and should be impeached.

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