Watch: Halachically, What Should You Do If You Find a Cell Phone?



  1. Not sure that a wild cat, phone & /or gun are all in the same catagory,,,
    Is fone filtered? What type of fone? What type of gun? Was it found in a public place or in a private area? Many other questions can be asked…
    Let an American posak address this question too.

  2. My Father found a wallet with identification belonging to a Goy . He gave the wallet to a friend who had a beard to return the wallet so the Goy would make no mistake about who had returned the wallet to him

  3. Lots and lots of questions about this.
    -Who’s the posek?
    -Why can we preemptively assume it has no filter and it’s being used for shmutz?
    -Can we assume the owner has no legit need for the phone (e.g. texting, video conferencing, GPS, as a WIFI hotspot, googling info when on the go, purchasing, travel info when in a foreign country or strange city, etc)?
    -I know people who carry a company-owned smartphone per their job requirement. Losing their phone can harm their career. Is that not a concern?
    -Can you also smash someone’s computer, since that can be used for the same shmutz?
    -Per the “cat skin” psak, could the finder simply wipe it and resell it?

    (FWIW, these questions are not coming from a nogeah bedovor; I use an ancient flip-phone.)

  4. A very strange pesak. The phone may have a filter. Perhaps he needs it for business. Who are you Mr. Finder to decide the device is “dangerous”.

  5. What if you find a pack of cigarettes…

    Or a box of matches…

    Or a candy. a baby might choke on it…

    Where does the insane fanaticism end?

  6. Very interesting. (and probably the last time I will bother to hear this speaker, as he may not approve of my looking for enlightenment on the internet.)

  7. As long as you wear a white shirt and consume only Chalav Yisroel & Paas Yisroel, you’ve got a guaranteed entrance into gan eden. If you are missing any of the 3, it’s gonna be very hot down there.

  8. The ignorant FRUMIES are the cause of all the hatred among the normal educated Jews. You can see them all over the world by the way their “yarmakah” sticks out of the back of their black hats to show that they are wearing a “yarmakah”! FLAMBOYANT IS THE WORD!

  9. Before destroying the tuma phone, unlock it, find the owner, give him a serious mussar talk, then rip the wig off his wife’s head, and burn it together with the phone. If arrested for doing that, plead insanity with a religious exemption. When released, join Lev Tahor.


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