Watch: Hafganos In Kikar Shabbos After Arrests Made In Meah Shearim


Dozens of soldiers poured into Meah Shearim last night, attempting to arrest bochurim accused of dodging the draft. Four boys were arrested in total.

In response today, hafganos have erupted in Kikar Shabbos to protest the ongoing battle between the secular Israeli government and the charedim who refuse to join the IDF.


    • Ridiculous!They aren’t killing anyone, and aren’t terrorists.People still have rights to protest what they see as wrong laws.It’s called democracy.

  1. Keep up your good work. As a Flatbush yid I support the protesters. They are our front line of defense for Torah values. Let these soldiers harass the Arab neighborhoods. Why bother the religious Jews in meah shearim. In the last few years I became anti Zionist by g time as israel gets worse with increased gay parades and increased chillul shabbos in Jerusalem. I’m afraid Trump will not help much. If they continue rebelling against the Torah

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