Watch: Hafganos At Kikar Shabbos Over The Arrest Of Grandson Of Toldos Avrohom Yitzchok Rebbe For Not Reporting To The Army




  1. Is the blood of this draft-dodging grandson any redder or holier than the blood of the boys that do go into harms way to protect the likes of his “holy” grandfather?

    • Why don’t you say that about the chilonim who dodge the draft? 50% of them do, not for learning Torah or for saving their souls but because the police don’t care to arrest them.

    • Chareidim protect Israel with their learning Torah and doing mitzovs and meisim tovim. Seculars who do not learn Torah, do not do mitzvos, are mechalel Shabbos, eat neveils and treifus, etc. should not be allowed to dodge the draft. They should at least do 1 good deed – protect Israel by arms.

    • Mr.Gordon, far more people have been killed in terror attacks than in fighting in the IDF The last 20 years and a disproportionate number have been charedim since we look Jewish and live in Jerusalem next to Arabs.So the “blood redder ” argument is NONSENSE.By the way, did you serve in the IDF?Or are you one of the Jews sitting safe, and cozy in America or elsewhere while we’re living on the front lines?

  2. 5 cops beating a guy on the ground, a cop shoving a protester who had his hands behind his back to the ground, and more. Regardless of what you think about the demonstrations, this brutality is horrific.

    What kind of civilization is this??

  3. The grandson of the Toldos Avrohom Yitzchok Rebbe was immediately released following the hafganos, b”H, proving once again that these demonstrations are the only solutions to their UNLAWFUL drafting of chareidim. Unlawful because 50% of the secular (mostly from Tel Aviv) dodge the draft and they’re not pulled out of their homes in middle of the night and arrested for that; Unlawful because Israeli Arabs get government funding and do not have to join the army; Unlawful because chareidim are at least protecting the land with their learning Torah, mitzvos and meisim tovim which the secular do not.

    If Lieberman and the self-appointed-unlawful-illegal judges think their new law will be able to pass, they should expect daily demonstrations and blocking traffic just like yesterday. Let them try drafting all secular and Arabs and we’ll see how they’ll react.

    • How long will you still be sleeping? Instead of condemning the righteous, it’s about time you wake up and realize that the “pator” (exemption) has stopped over 5 years ago.

  4. Chareidim joining this G-dless immoral army will end up behaving as violent as these police animals.

    It was a peaceful demonstration and no reason the police resha’im had to act like wild animals sending 2 men in serious conditions to the hospital. This is Israel’s army who’s biggest enemies are not Arab terrorists but chareidim.

    B”H for our Gedolim who stand firm and not let these G-dless judges and politicians have their way.

  5. why couldn’t he go there for 5 minutes, sign that he learns in yeshiva and be spared all the heartache? why? because these guys get their kicks by showing off their so called “mesirus nefesh.” then we have hafganot and people come late to work and kolel. and people get home late causing them to pay extra money to the babysitter. and we have these guys screaming and yelling. and they they become mean. it’s mashpia negatively on the middos. if he wants to be moser nefesh then let him go to jail. it’s a mitzva according to him. so do the mitzva, do the time, and come home.

    you guys at matzav like to give these guys lots of free press. why don’t you let everyone know that rov binyan u’minyan of gedolim say they are bringing a sakana to klal yisrael.. that’s right – a sakana.
    it’s a sakana vis-a-vis the army. it causes people to hate them. not only the tziyonim. most bnei toyra that I know can’t stand these hafganot. they are fed up with them. the baalei teshuva that I work with are totally turned off. it takes a lot of extra work to undo the damage. but the kanoim see it their way and no other way. they don’t care what gedolei toyra say. they don’t care how much they inconvenience everyone.

    so i say to the matzav readers: you’re impressed with this mesirus nefesh until you visit your family on sorotzkin and get stuck in traffic. until you hear that your precious einaklech spend an extra hour getting home from cheder because of a hafgana. that your daughter has to give the babysitter extra because she came home late. then you join the Ohr somayach mentors [as advertised on Matzav] and you work with the holy pure neshamos doing teshuva. and you find out how jaded they are.

    • No such thing as signing up and being over with it in 5 minutes. Most of the yeshiva boys are dragged into the army since the exemption expired in 2012 within those 5 minutes. Time to get your head out of the sand.

      Instead of talking lashon hara about kedoshei yisrael, why don’t you do some research and see for yourself that joining the army or even stepping into the lion’s den known as “recruitment center” is very dangerous!

      Rather be hated by bums (like you) who don’t know the truth than by G-d for throwing off the G-dliness.

      These demonstrations will continue as long as chareidi boys are arrested. If you’re worried about traffic and babysitters, you have 1 option – tell the government to butt out of chareidi neighborhoods.

    • So does that give the police the right to bash someone’s head into the cement?! If it doesn’t bother you, than you are just as bad as these police officers.

    • We don’t hear you protesting the constant demonstrations of the disabled who block streets and highways to protest for their rights. Obviously, what bothers you are the chareidim not the blocking of streets.

  6. It’s mind boggling that we are witnessing this again. And Matzav has no word of condemnation. How can we watch our frum brethren being hurt without mercy, yes I know they are guilty of a terrible sin, they hold dear what they believe, (whether you agree with them or not) but how can any Jew loving person watch how the Reshoim torture our brothers, how can any peace loving person not allow peaceful protests ( I was there and it stays peaceful until the police start fighting, blocking streets is not a crime in a normal democracy). If this would happen in the USA there would be widespread condemnation, but in order to let ourselves believe we have a democracy will we sacrifice our frum brothers?! Where are the frum mouthpieces by the spill of blood of Jews at the hand of the zionists? YATED, AGUDAH, HAVE YOU ALL LOST YOUR VOICE? We can not equate pig eating barbaric Jew beaters with our frum protesting brothers It’s high time for all of us to proclaim an outcry like no other, that we will not tolerate the beating of our brothers, and let us call out the police for what they are BARBARIC! Hitting people with no mercy is a heinous act. it’s history repeating itself as our brothers are guilty of trying to keep their heritage pure and that is the same that we have endured through Gauls at the hand of the bolsheviks,and for all you zionists it’s time you figure out they are Jew haters, as they hate anything that’s religious sacred and holy etc. and hate the frum people what about them is Jewish and worth of praise? Do they love hashem or his Torah why do you feel a connection and a need to justify their actions, yes our brothers might be right when they scream NAZI and yes indeed they are STOP THE SPILL OF BLOOD!!

    • Precisely the reason when these barbarous cops arrive with their bats, horses and other barbaric tools to peaceful demonstrators, they (the demonstrators) scream “NAZI” which makes their blood of the police boil who then start beating, kicking, shoving the demonstrators insanely. Well, if they act like SS that’s what they are.

  7. The violence shown in the last video does harken back memories to the 1940’s. To shove a Yid down to the pavement with such violent force?! To hit ones head on the cement can cause brain damage and hemorrhaging R”L. Did you ever hear of the Organization called “BINA”? They deal with such issues. That animalistic officer should be charged with attempted murder! I don’t care if the protester said hurtful things to the officer. It doesn’t give him the right to respond with such deadly violence! The secular heretic State of Israel is in real serious danger. There are no laws to be followed by those who wear a uniform. They are above the law and above reproach. They never suffer from any consequences of their actions. They are creating anarchy. America is not perfect, but thank God I don’t live in Israel.

  8. The funniest comments are on other websites where secular Jews, mechalel shabbos, etc. condemn chareidim for not “fulfilling the mitzvah” of serving in the army (probably the mitzvah of shmad as there’s no mitzvah in the Torah to join a secular army). I would tell them, if they believe it’s a mitzvah they ought to do it themselves and fulfill at least 1 mitzvah while chareidim fulfill all the other mitzvos.

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