Watch: Group Performs Korban Pesach “Re-enactment” Ceremony in Yerushalayim, Pesach 5779



  1. We must realize that the korbaos were not dry actions being “preformed” by the Kohen. Rather, they were actions that had effects in shamayim, and its the Korban that brought about our atonement on Yom kipper and all year long. To watch such a video cheapens such a fundamental part of yiddishkiet. This image can stick with you for a life time. Stay away!!

  2. Uvnei Jerusalim bimhayra , it’s happening guys , time to get onboard . Long Live King David , the kingdom is here.

  3. As I understand, these guys are not in any way bringing nor dedicating a korban, just educating the public on what should hopefully be nogea very soon. To all the mocking anti-korbonos fools: remember isur koreis on skipping Korban Pesach; not even mentioning basic will to be victorious over our enemies and to fulfill mitzvos H regarding avoidas Beis Hamikdosh.

    • We are all suffering in galut and we all look forward to Moshiach. The proper way to hasten Moshiach is to do the mitzvot we have available.


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