Watch: Graham: There’s Nothing Democrats Won’t Do To Win


Republican Senator Lindsey Graham compares vote counting chaos in Florida to Democrats’ attempts to derail Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation on ‘Hannity’.




  1. There’s nothing republicans won’t do to win. Murder and maim and lie- it’s called being a politician. Every single republican and democrat are scum sucking, pieces of trash. Every day I pray for all of their deaths and a reset on the whole political system.

    • Dear Pigpqlala,
      You are a sick person. I hope the local police in your area have you on their radar before you commit any foolish acts. Refuah Sheleima.

    • Matzav is the king of click bait, with all of its “communicated content” articles (which they don’t warn you about), and their false headlines.

      • I’m glad to see other people notice Matzav’s misleading headlines like the goyish news sites that are not subjugated to “midvar sheker tirchak”

  2. I blame the little pipsqueak rino, Jeff Sessions, for this whole mess. If he wasn’t so beaten down by Adam Schiff and the minority democrats, we could of had some true democracy and our vote would of counted.

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