Watch: Glenn Beck Says, “You Will Never Have Another Republican President Ever Again”


In this video, Glenn Beck says that with Donald Trump’s emergence as the Republican candidate for president, the GOP is now the party of racists and will never elect another president again.




  1. This, from a man who condemned Muslims because they believe in ONE G-d and went on and on about it. It is likely that Cruz “lost” simply because of This man. From the outset he accused Trump and his supporters of being Hitler and the “brownshirts”. The day before Indiana he played numerous times a KKK supporter who said he will vote for Trump, implying that voters for Trump were KKK members. It is noteworthy that Beck himself campaigned WITH Cruz and on the stage. Therefore Cruz is directly tied to those remarks. It has been common for politicians to use “surrogates” for their dirty work and then claim clean hands. Cruz, like every other politician OWNS those remarks. Cruz had never disowned those remarks or even instruct anyone to cease those accusations. Therefore Cruz is in no position to claim Trump is out of line. From the outset Trump said he began calling him lyin Ted simply Because of his own words, calling McConnell a liar. People have wondered Why Trump brought up the Oswald photo and this was a tactical move. A person Has to wonder why Cruz is so hated by so many when someone who is philosophically the same, Jeff Sessions, is not. What the Oswald connection did, was allow Cruz to be seen as those who worked with have seen him. It forced him to reveal a character that has been reported, but unseen by the public at large.

    Republicans, like him, like to promote Capitalism and the Constitution. Nothing wrong with that, except, how you envision this Capitalism to work. Apparently “conservative” principles dictate that a business should do whatever they can to maximize profits which would include reducing labor costs. Carrier. There is no room in the equation of a corporate responsibility to a person or community. This is the epitome of “Free Markets”. Torah suggests just the opposite. A landowner bears a “corporate responsibility” to the poor and, in effect, the community. It appears, according to conservative thinking, there is No responsibility by a corporation and there should be no Government interference in these matters.

    One substantial issue is H1B and L-1 Visas. The Free Markets say it is incumbent upon business to make the most money and cut costs to no end. THIS is essentially what Carly Fiorina has said, the American worker notwithstanding. What we have found is there are a good many companies who will outsource American jobs and even to the point of having to train foreign replacements. It was Ted Cruz who wanted a 500% increase in this. A person cannot expect the public to want business to basically destroy communities for the purpose of the dollar. Trump points to China, and I happened upon a documentary just yesterday that was profiling a company IN China. This company provided Everything from the job, living quarters, food, and clothing. It reminded me of the days of serfdom. There were a few people with bicycle carts who attempted to sell food and the corporate enforcers came and shut them down. They told those people they would get a warning This time, as the cameras were rolling. This could be called the epitome of Free Markets. Is it any wonder the public wants “help” from some Government agency.

  2. Yireh says we should heed Mr. Beck’s prophetic conversation just a tinge. If the GOP is indeed on its way to the schlep-off and shove-out,
    Scary, but I am sure that the GOP is indeed itself concerned about its new “democratization” of the right to HATE.

  3. Beck goes to great lengths to point out that the Republican Part has lost the Hispanic vote, stating that 81% would not vote for Trump. Obama received 71% of the Hispanic vote to 27% for Mitt Romney in 2012. Let’s ignore that number!


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