Watch: Gifter in Gotham: Boro Park Residents Dispute Sunday’s Hachnosas Sefer Torah Disturbance



  1. Looks like kamaz and bar kamza version 2019. As far as shomrim and shmira I personally benefited from both organizations. Both do good jobs. Someone has to stand up and say lets stop fighting like babies and work together or else we will all lose out. A few years ago the NYPD and FDNY were stepping on each other. They were able to work things out we can too. The police need to find out who called a level 1 mobilization for people walking peacefully in the street. This is like calling a 6 alarm fire for a biyur chometz fire. This is what really caused all the chaos. The police from the other neighborhoods thought they were coming into a riot zone. overkill is an understatement.

  2. The satmar ruv moved to the side to let a non jew passed by the sidewalk and said we are strangers in America. We have to understand that we are in gulis and we don’t own the streets of brooklyn. Get it straight. Dont get so comfortable and teach your children to understand that.

  3. Camouflage kid is right!!!!!

    Didn’t hear one coherent response to what he said. When a police officer says “you are under arrest “ whether it’s justified or not, you ARE under arrest and not allowed to resist. They were actually rather gentle and patient with that fool under the circumstances.


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