Watch: Giant Swastika Appears In Ukranian Shopping Mall


A shopping mall in Ukraine that is located on a street named for a collaborator with the Nazis decorated a staircase with a large swastika.

The street where the shopping mall is located is named for Stepan Bandera, a Ukrainian nationalist who briefly collaborated with Nazi Germany in its fight against Russia. It was named for Bandera in 2016 despite protests by some Jewish community leaders and Ukrainian Poles, whose community also suffered war crimes by Bandera’s troops.

According to Eduard Dolinsky, the director of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee, the video was taken by a shopper on Saturday night, hours before several hundred nationalists marched through Kiev carrying torches.

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    • This is actually one of the reasons Rabbi Nahman chose to be burried in Uman, in the tuma shebatuma.
      Don’t judge. I know where you’re coming from, but all those who choose to really learn the thora from Rabbi Nahman usually end up attached to Breslev.
      Please don’t just start bashing people. I know what I am talking about.

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