Watch: Giant Rodent Terrifies Crowd At Lag Ba’omer Hadlaka



  1. It is obviously a gilgul who had to return to a Lag Baomer hadlaka because when it was a human person, it mocked Lag Baomer fire burnings on internet blogs. Be careful.

  2. This is a fulfillment of the verse: “And thou shalt fear the Lord thine God.”
    After all, as the Muslims say five times a day, Allahu Akhbar which means, in Hebrew, “God is a mouse”

  3. Rats could be dangerous when cornered. I myself as a landlord cornered a rat but I had a long metal pole and luckily pierced it with a fast poke and killed it. But a rat cornered in such a crowd could of jumped on someone’s face and bite him. And you never know if it has rabies

  4. It’s not a mouse. It’s a rat and it’s an ordinary size one, not GIANT. I think everyone frightened it.

  5. Yo.



    Mouse Rat Weasel. Hashem may place it there.


    To the celebration. Watch out.

    Universe real.


  6. I think the unanimous vote amongs all the Uber-intelligent yerushalmis in attendance was that it was tzioni dressed up with the evil intentions to scare them away from kedusha.


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