Watch: Gad Elbaz feat. Nissim Sing ‘L’CHAIM’


An unplanned trip to an antique store catapults Israeli singing sensation Gad Elbaz back through the generations to a 19th century Ukrainian shtetl, a simpler time and place where, despite the lack of modern conveniences, happiness was all around for the taking.

L’chaim, a Sparks Next production by filmmaker Daniel Finkelman, is a joyous expression in contrasts, as energy and nostalgia, klezmer and hip hop and past and present come together in an exuberant celebration of life. Elbaz finds himself warmly welcomed by villagers and their rabbi, rapper Nissim Black, and together they capture the euphoria of days gone by, where all you needed to be happy was a big smile and a hearty glass of spirits on which to make a heartfelt L’chaim.

In a world where we find ourselves overscheduled and overburdened by gadgets designed to make our lives easier, L’chaim captures the purity of days gone by and our deep longing for the most elusive goal of all, true happiness.

L’chaim is the featured song of Gad’s brand new album also titled “L’chaim.”

Produced and directed by
Daniel Finkelman

Co Directed by
Sawyer Purman and Ben Anderson

Executive producer – Estelle Camarda

Co Produced by Shlomi Cohen

Co Produced by Malky Zejger

Film Produced by Sparks Next
Director of photography Sawyer Purman
Choreographer – Alexander Kravets
Screenplay – Brendan Latran
Edited by – Ben Anderson
Concept: by Daniel Finkelman
Associate Producer: Victoria Zirkiev
Co Executive Producer: Eugene Fershtein
Co Executive Producer: Lena Harris
Colorist: Zach Stith
SFX: Liron Afuta

ZOAB Entertainment: Shlomi Cohen
PR: HOSHEN Productions
Management: ZOAB Entertainment – Shlomi Cohen
Gad Elbaz and Nissim Black

Composer: Gad Elbaz
Lyrics: Nissim Black
Musical Producer: Dr. Chan (Amir Katz)
Vocals: Gad Elbaz
Brass: Dor Asaraf
Violins: Oren Tzur & Nir Mutzeri
Mixing: Dr. Chan (Amir Katz)
Mastering: Dale Becker

Line producer and AD – Lyena Venger
Associate Producer – Mariia Stopnyk
1st AC: Pasha Chui
2nd line producer and location scout – Anna Dudchenko
Casting director – Vlada Katrenko
Camera assistants: Mark Rutkovski, and Vladislav Shulga
Coordinator: Alexandra Filonchuk
MUA – Tatyana Ivanova
Costume designer – Marina Voitzeshik
Gaffer – Vanya
Key PA: Nastya Lyutova
PA’s: Yevgeni Kravchenko, Dennis Nyepopojni, Ilia Kostukov, Vladislav Berkovsky,
Andrei Poltavtzev, Andrei Dzyubenko
Cast: Anton Yejov, Stanislav Yejov, Oleg Artamonov, Gulya Sayko
Dancers: Denis Karasyow, Kiril Trubichin, Igor Lobko, Anton Starchenko,
Stanislav Gorbachesvsky, Valeriy Potryasayev, Alexander Kharish, Dimitry Kliuchko,
Kostantin Baiul
Transportation: Sasha Krykotun

Co Producer – Victoria Zirkiev
Gaffer – Spencer Forgham-Thrift
AC – Kaitlyn Robelo
Makeup – Esther
Cast – Gad Elbaz, Daniel Finkelman, Robert Levey
PA – Jon Litt
PA -Weigang Song
PA – Delight Kiyabu
PA- Spencer Forgham

Special Thanks:

Uri Turk
CJ Gruner
Aharon Orian
Josh Weinstein
Rabbi Moti and Dvorah Leah Levenheartz, Kiev
Rabbi Moshe Asman, Kiev
Chaim Cohen
Shalom Zirkiev
Adam Margules
Cecelia Margules
Zvika Bornstein


  1. They didn’t dance with those moves in the shtetl and life wasn’t easy there. No one had time to sing and dance just like that. Maybe at a chasuna they danced. But, it’s a nice lively video just the same.


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