Watch: Frum Jew Throws Party for the Homeless


By Meir Kay

We threw a super bowl party for the homeless of New York City. The Super Bowl for most is a holiday, up there with Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Hanukah. We feast, drink and surround ourselves with family and friends.

But for those with nowhere to go, it could feel even more lonesome so I teamed up with my friends at 230 Fifth: Best Heated Rooftop Bar/Club/Restaurant In NYC to throw a Super

Bowl party where all were welcomed!

Life is a wheel, sometimes we’re up and other times we find ourselves lower than we thought possible. Nothing is guaranteed and no one is better than the next. There’s no race and or finish line. We’re all on the same team and for any team to succeed, they need to have each others back, to work together and move forward as one. It’s not always about money, a kind word, some food, a hot drink, a conversation goes a long way. We must do what we can do make this world a brighter place a more positive, happier world and that begins with you.



  1. So we have our new Lipa on the scene. Mr. Kay is a very good performer. I saw his music video he put out for Benny Friedman. I also saw his driving interview with some Chassidishe singer. He obviously is very good at promoting himself. Has a good camera crew. He should’ve been a little more careful before shaking the homeless hands and hugging them. They may have contagious diseases.

  2. We are not here to do anything for the goim but just be a light onto them.. To throw them parties? To mingle with them? the superbowl?? Are there yidden left in America??? Hello out there??? Let’s try to help YOUR family first!!! Have you all lost your mind, American Jews???

  3. #2, it’s easy to knock someone else behind a computer screen. Whatever his intentions are , it’s certainly better than what you have done for the homeless. So keep your jealousy to yourself and give a person credit when it’s due

  4. I agree. We, nebach have our own homeless chevra. Just go to Shomer Shabbos between 1 & 2 in the morning and you will see numerous of unzera all bundled up trying to get a little warmth before heading back to sleep in their vehicles, nebach. By a goy, they can always go to one of the City shelters. What’s a Yid supposed to do? There are no easy answers. Let’s try to find a permanent place for the less fortunate.


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