Watch: Frum Cop Arrests Man for Drinking Wine Outside Atrium Wedding Hall in Monsey


A Chassidic police officer, Getzel Ungar, with the Spring Valley Police Department in Monsey, NY, arrested a young man after asking him his name for allegedly drinking a glass of wine outside the Atrium Plaza wedding hall in Monsey.

After calling for backup, the policeman arrested the man, claiming that he lied to police when asked what his name was. The officer asked him for his name because, the officer said, he was drinking a glass of wine “in public” outside the wedding hall.

Another clip shows the same officers, on the same night, at the same location, going after another young man, who eventually fled and ran back into the wedding ballroom.




  1. Very very strange. Not sure what the agenda of this tuna bagels is. Is this a publicity stunt for the next Oorah shmorg? Is this what the Rockland County PD are doing? Is this their greatest problem?

  2. I don’t know if the law was actually broken, but if it was, kudos to the cop for doing his job and not caving in to his brethren. He has a responsibility that he committed to and shouldn’t have rachmanus here. Shame on the guy for lying about his name whether he broke the law or not. He claimed he didn’t but then why hesitate to identify one’s self honestly. I am not suggesting I know what transpired just making my observations based on the video.

    • Dennis Rader, the infamous BTK killer was working as a compliance supervisor for Park City, Kansas when he was finally apprehended. He performed his job at the Compliance Department with exceptional zeal by harassing ordinary citizens for petty violations. He roamed around town with a yardstick measuring the grass on people’s lawns, and if he found a blade of grass that was one millimeter taller than regulation allowed he subjected the homeowner with an extended harangue and a summons. Does he too deserve kudos for doing his job?

      In my opinion, this officer is cut from the same cloth as Dennis Rader. He assuages his feeling of low self-esteem by exploiting his capacity as a police officer to order around people who would otherwise look at him as if he was something stuck to their shoe.

      I guess we ought to be grateful that this officer isn’t running around binding, torturing, and killing innocent people. At least I hope he isn’t.

  3. What a chutzpah for you to write the story as though the cop was “Harassing” a citizen! This is like the Black lives matter movement. A person was doing something illegal [drinking publicly] and when he was asked by an officer for his name he lied to him. That is illegal and we must teach our oilam to have at least the mentchlichkeit and decencey to respect a police officer.
    Was the cop being petty? perhaps. Was the bum violating laws and lying to police? Yes
    I think M’tzadd Chinuch you should change the wording of the story. Al least don’t take the bum’s side.

  4. Maybe a frum yid should avoid being in this profession. U cant compromise your integrity as,a police officer .Rules are rules…they apply to everyone.

  5. A normal Police Officer would have just told the wedding guest to drink inside. Obviously this cop is suffering from a case need for attention/power issues. Did he ask a competent Rov if he is allowed to arrest a frum yid for oh mygosh!! giving a fake name? Mesira? I am sure not. The fools that say the cop was doing his job are not getting it.
    If a non-Jewish officer would happen on a non-Jewish wedding and saw a guest walk out into the parking lot with a drink he would remind him to do his drinking inside. This guy has an agenda. Nebach

  6. The law is you never have to answer a cop. Ever. You have a right to an attorney. Even when you get pulled over for speeding. Never talk. You have to cooperate but never have to talk. This boys mistake was that he gave the cop a fake name. He should have just ignored him. He maybe would have been arrested anyway but at least he would not have “lied to a police officer”. That is a serious crime.
    as for what this cop did, yes maybe he was following the law anyone that saw the video and knows the atrium in Monsey knows that this is not considered drinking in public. This cop either had a personal band Etta against this kid or he is simply a wicked person.

  7. This sad excuse for a police officer obviously has attention and power issues. A normal Policeman would have asked the wedding guest to go inside with his drink. (Public drinking in a parking lot of a wedding hall?) Did he ask a shaila of a competent Rov if he is allowed to arrest a frum yid for not giving him his real name? Mesira? I am sure he didn’t, but at least he showed the non-jewish officers how “tough” he is with his co-religionists.

    • The law is the law..
      No need to ask sheilas….
      He is a sworn officer of the law!
      And if it is the law…no one is above it…we..included…no special privileges…
      Dont lie…act like a mentch.

  8. We probably don’t know the whole story – I’m assuming the officer warned them about drinking outside – etc and got a lot of disrespect back. Our light upon the nations thing is a little dim lately – and perhaps less chutzpah, gangsterkeit and just respect for the law would be a good thing for us.

  9. We have one judge and thats hkbh and I dont think this guy gets special messages from god what he should do… Our first and utmost rule of law is our torah; he should be careful with anything he does… We arent a religion like any other..

  10. To anonymous who posted at 1:00pm – you are a fool. Ask a Rov? Do you even know the whole story? The cop is doing his job. The stupid kid in the video is just that – stupid. Why do you always blame instead of looking at yourself??? It just makes no sense. Follow the law is first. Then, even if you feel you are following the law, or even if you feel you were not treated properly, don’t ever mouth off or make jokes of the work that the police do. They protect us and without them it would a chaotic world.

    This frum cop has his life on the line every single day. He chose this profession. He didn’t tell you what profession to choose so don’t tell him what to choose. He wakes up every day knowing that all over our country cops are being ambushed and killed. He also knows that as a Yid, (and he doesn’t hide the fact that he is a yid) means he is even more of a target then his fellow police officers. When you become a person who has a job where every day at any moment your life could be taken then you perhaps have a right to say something.

    And by the way, ask any Askan, any community activist, any Frum politician, and Frum chaplin and any Frum liaison and they will tell you that having a Frum cop has made all of our lives better. Because we have 1 of our own in the system there is a better understanding and a better sensitivity to all of us and who we conduct our lives.

    These jerks who think they are cool or whatever they think they are that go around flaunting the law, not cooperating with law enforcement and all the other garbage they do just ruin things for all of us.

    I don’t live in or even near Monsey but I am proud to say I am with him – the cop.

  11. Why are ppl so quick to pass judgement on the cop..needing attention or having his gripes? I see him around all the time and he’s always polite and cordial around our community and I never witnessed him arrest, accost, attack, or even address an issue with a community member. He does his thing, buys his coffees like you and me, and holds the door for peoplease too. He never comes across as thinking he’s high and mighty. This is (as is evident form the clip) an incident where the citizen being questioned was uncooperative and disrespectful. Call a spade a spade.

    • Something like this should never come to arrest, drink ingredients right outside a wedding hall. If this would be a non jew it would be the same over kill by police. you saw what happened in Staten Island a man selling loosies ends up dead because a cop doesn’t know when to back off. No need to know every detail what happened if he was disrespectful or not. Law enforcement are supposed to be the professionals not the kid. All you people sticking up for this sorry cop need to have your heads examined

  12. The problem with such videos is that they only show part of a story, not all of it. Sometimes vital context is missing.

    People should keep that in mind before jumping to conclusions.

  13. This is why there should not be frum cops. BH we dont have any in lakewood, all it does is cause problems. If they are nice they are accused of favoritism if they are strict they are accused of having an agenda.It is a no-win situation.

  14. On the sidewalk directly in the front of the doors and under the awning of wedding hall is not a “public place”. There isn’t a restaurant in Manhattan that doesn’t have patrons milling about in front of their resturaunt, sipping some wine while waiting to be seated.

    Furthermore, that entire strip mall closes in the evening and the Atrium is the only the active venue in that area. So the question really is; Why was that police officer even there? He certainly wasn’t there to keep the peace! He was apparently there only so that he can intimidate and harass people! Unfortunately, some people thrive by bullying other people. A police uniform does not entitle anybody to bully other people.

    Finally, if the officer wasn’t looking for an excuse to arrest this young man, then he immediately would have requested to see his ID. Instead he first asked for his name and then requested the ID to check if he was lying thereby allowing him to make the arrest.

    I urge all the readers, to push the Atrium to file a formal complaint against this officer for harassing their patrons and entering their establishment without a warrant! This incident would not have occurred at any of our wedding halls in NYC or Lakewood. If the Atrium wants people to make weddings in their hall then they need to assure their patrons that their guests will not be harassed and possibly arrested!

  15. If that’s considered a public space that you can’t stand in front of the hall because it’s loitering in a public space. People should think twice before going to the next wedding at the atrium!!!

  16. Firstly, the headline is wrong: He was arrested for giving a false name, not for drinking in public. For the drinking in public, he would have only received a citation.

    Second, the other fellow was obstructing traffic.

    Third, and most important, is Matzav and its commentators saying that frumme yidden should be allowed to lie to ALL police officers or just to frum ones?

  17. personally i love drinking. and at a wedding is one of my favriote places to do it. you were all teenagers (unless you were spawned) and drinking is fun! this cop doesnt know about a wedding hall drinking laws. have a good life.

  18. to the one who posted that there is no need to ask shailos…the law is the law. i don’t know where or if you learned in yeshivos, but you have no idea what you are talking about. One cannot transgress torah law because of secular laws.

    (eg Jews should have given up other Jews to the Nazis because that was the law? it’s an extreme example but, you get the point ) you too should ask a rov who is right. all the best.

    • How do u compare obeying the law of the land to the nazis yms!?
      We have a religious law to OBEY THE LAW OF THE LAND! So no sheilas involved here.

  19. to the one who posted that there is no need to ask shailos…the law is the law. i don’t know where or if you learned in yeshivos, but you have no idea what you are talking about. One cannot transgress torah law because of secular laws.

    (eg Jews should have given up other Jews to the Nazis because that was the law? it’s an extreme example but, you get the point ) you too should ask a rov who is right. all the best.

  20. to the one who posted that there is no need to ask shailos…the law is the law. i don’t know where or if you learned in yeshivos, but you have no idea what you are talking about. One cannot transgress torah law because of secular laws.
    (eg Jews should have given up other Jews to the Nazis because that was the law? it’s an extreme example but, you get the point ) you too should ask a rov who is right. all the best.

  21. This cop should be disbarred. He is a racist. He hates Orthodox Jews as do many tuna beigels. Someone drinking wine outside a wedding hall in a parking lot is not a serious matter. I see in manhattan plenty of drunks drinking on the streets. This cop has an attitude problem and should be brought up on charges.

  22. If the story happened as was presented in the video, the cop is a moser who is willing to attack Jews who aren’t bothering anyone just to prove his “fairness” and get goyishe approval. If he really cared about the law, he shouldn’t have been wasting law enforcement resources trying to catch people at a wedding, he should have gone to a bad neighborhood and caught some drug dealers or something – Spring Valley has plenty of real violent criminals. However, we should not rush to judgement, as we don’t know all the facts. The cop should be given a chance to explain himself, maybe something else went on, maybe the guy is not a moser. If the facts happened as was presented in the video, than the moser should be put in cherem, and pushed out from our community. We don’t need traitors.

  23. Sorry excuse for a police officer. Shame on you Monsey who produced this guy. If you haven’t seen enough videos of police over kill for silly things watch what happened with Eric Gardner or sandra bland.

  24. Basically, the story is that the guy was mouthing off to the cop. And, the person who ran away only got involved after the first one. You don’t have to answer a cop but you it’s illegal to give false information to and you can be arrested for just that but he wasn’t even arrested for that. When the cop told him he can’t drink outside he should have said like a mentch i’m sorry and went back inside.
    There were other cops there if he would not have done anything after the guy mouthed off to him and continued drinking he could have lost his job. And, yes prior to him going into the profession he asked a Rav the questions that needed to be asked.

    • Thank you for providing a voice of reason to this sorry episode. If the cop had acted any differently toward “unzereh” with video being recorded how long do you think he’d have kept his job? Furthermore, had the cop and celebrants all been non-Jews we’d clearly have been on the cop’s side since he acted with restraint and didn’t even raise his voice, let alone use excessive physical force. There are frum judges and other officials and we shouldn’t act as if “ess kumpt unz” to get special treatment and favoritism when they are acting in their official capacity.

  25. The Juddenratt all over again. Any Shul this cop steps into should throw him out on his head. Very sad to see all the “pro” comments.
    Besides, this is a “crime” ? Drinking right outside a wedding on private property is not a crime. The cop should be arrested for harassment.

  26. Follow the law and you will be ok. That kid was acting like a jerk instead of just complying with officer. Kudos to the officer for doing his job and not letting his religious compatriots get in the way.

  27. Why was the cop hanging out at the wedding hall in the first place? What gave him the right to trespass a wedding? He must have low self esteem issues and a loner. A big nebech. The young punk with the drink should have gone back in the hall. You just don’t start up with police authority. He had nothing to gain by antagonizing the nebach police officer. The atrium should have a sign requesting that guests do not drink alcohol outside the building. This would avoid future problems. The kid has a big future ahead. So, some nice advice would be to start not being a wise ass. If you see someone with authority walk away and don’t start up. You aren’t going to win.

  28. I happen to know the “boy” who was arrested who is not such a boy but a married father with children in his low thirtys. He is a law abiding citizen, and a member of our community. There is plenty of work for this cop to do in spring valley instead of roaming around in front of the atrium looking to make arrest. Anyone with any seichal can see that in the clip. I am in favor of us as Jews to be a light onto the nations and to be law abiding citizens however this cop could have given him a warning. But as I said you can see he was not interested in that.

  29. The cop was 100% right he did his job someone called 911 so he came down it shouldn’t make a difference if he is jewish or not the kids acted like a immature person and he did the right thing

  30. Dear Editor,
    As a Spring Valley resident, I feel that Matzav owes an apology to the Spring Valley Police Department for posting this video. We live in a racially diverse community, with over 38 different nationalities in Spring Valley. The police department has been sensitive to the needs of the Jewish community overall and is doing a fine job protecting us. By cheppering the police department, it can have on adverse affect on the community’s safety. I am asking Maztav to remove this video and use old-fashioned, tried and true methods of shtadlanus to deal with the authorities instead. The Spring Valley Police Department has a frum liason.

    • It isn’t about Spring Valley PD. It’s about the supposedly frum cop abusing his power against non-violent and law-abiding fellow Jews, just to prove his “fairness” and to get goyishe approval – that’s what seems from the video – I sincerely hope that there is more to the story and the cop is not a self hating moiser. Beis Din should investigate, and if true, put the allegedly “frum antisemit” cop in cherem. If we wanted more Jew hating cops, we would have been just fine with regular goishe anti-Semitic cops, we wouldn’t have pushed for hiring more frum cops.

  31. Something seems to missing from this story. How is drinking alcohol on the property of a catering hall considered drinking in Public? Why were the cops there in the first place? Why wouldn’t the cop use common sense and warn the people to take their drinks inside or face arrest? It seems we are only seeing a portion of the story.


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