Watch: Former Clinton Adviser: Deep State Trying to Get Trump


Mark Penn says the Michael Cohen plea deal is an attempt to set up the president.



  1. What do you mean “Why is that?” (The double standard between Hillary and Trump.) Stop acting as if you don’t know that it’s because Hillary is above the law and everyone is afraid of her. That’s why. Anyone daring to interview any of her associates are automatically suicided. That’s why. In the last 2 months 3 more people were added to the Clinton Body List. That’s why. GET THAT WITCH ARRESTED IMMEDIATELY BEFORE SHE’LL KILL MORE PEOPLE.

  2. After 71 years of the CIA Mafia and Deep State installing US Presidents (most of them through fraud) and forcing them to be CIA puppets, they cannot accept a President whom they did not choose but was elected by the American people. Besides, the chutzpah of President Trump for not being their puppet is much too much for them to handle, and he must be impeached since their 12 attempts at assassinating him did not work.

    • So where those alleged passengers on flight 93 really able to make cellphone calls in mid flight? What would the government and the Bush family gain by covering up what really happened on Sep.11th?


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