Watch: Footage From Today’s Peleg Protests



  1. Kiddush Hashem berabim!

    Better protests than chas veshalom join the army that incorporates all 3 aveiros with loads of immorality and shmutz where no religious boy may set foot in.

  2. The Gezeiros of the Tzionim and their conduct is frightning! Yesterday they branded arrested protesters with NUMBERS ON THEIR ARMS!!!! R”L.
    Here you see an “officer” winding up his first and punching people just standing there in the face!

    • Please, no need to hate. You follow your gedolim and they can follow theirs. רב יונתן אייבשייץ said in his sefer Yearos Dvash that the way to know if someone who is involved in a machlokes is doing it leshem shamayim is, if the person is able to completely get along with someone from the other side, and he just disagrees with him on one point, that shows it’s leshem shamayim. If the hate overtakes your entire being, and you can’t bear looking at someone from the other side of the aisle, then it’s not leshem shamayim. And, we all know what the Torah says about people involved in machlokes if it’s not leshem shamayim. So, please change your attitude.

  3. They had numbers on their arms because they would not give their names I think. Don’t exaggerate.
    It is all very sad to see

  4. When Gush Gatif prostestors blocked major highways for days on end, no one screamed Chilul Hashem or Bitul Torah! So sad how people are so hypocritycal..must be because the truth hurts and cannot be ignored – the Israeli army wants all chareidi boys in the army melting pot so they can make them less chareidi – not for any military purpose (and this is a fact – go check). So if this is a gezeiras shmad the only way to make your voice heard is to take it to the streets. And you cant start giving them only the boys who aren’t learning anyways…cuz once you start it will later be all the boys and then eventually the girls too…c”v. Shevet Levi was the only one who didn’t cooperate…

  5. All you commenters are invite to ride a bus to work, a Simcha, a bikur cholim, a parent, or to an important appointment that is blocked by a bunch of babies & Yiddish speaking guys &&& then continue to post.
    Shalom al yisroel


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