Watch: Fitton: Why Is Mueller Probe Still Ongoing With Corruption?


Additional emails and texts between FBI lovebirds Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were released during an explosive House hearing. Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton wonders how the Mueller investigation can still be going on.




  1. Why aren’t Strzok, Page, Mueller, Comey and Rosenstein in jail yet? Why are these criminals above the law on equal basis to Hillary Criminal-in-Chief?

  2. Even though we know that the previous Presidents (Obama, Bushes, etc.) were installed by fraud, this is clear proof that the FBI and CIA Mafia were behind it and why the Muslim ex-CIA Brennan is blowing up. They didn’t expect Hillary to be such a failure where only about 13% voted for her, hence not enough fraud and rigged machines were prepared.

        • Our friendly conspiracy theorist is definitely the most entertaining poster on Matzav.
          Just wonder if he also believes all the anti-semitic stuff on all the conspiracy sites he hangs out on, they are chock full of those conspiracies


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