Watch: First Night of Selichos 5777 With Rabbi YY Jacobson, Yoeli Lebowitz and Pumpidisa



    • I agree. All this partying has gotten completely out of hand. Love love love love love. You can do what you want when you want. There’s no din vicheshbon necessary. “Hashem loves me whatever I do”. I love Hashem and Hashem loves me. Don’t judge. Dont judge. Dont judge. Love love love love. Never give mussar or tochacha. I can sin and Hashem still loves me.
      Sorry, I’ve got to run. My flight to Uman is leaving in a few hours.

  1. there is a time and place for singing
    everybody holding one another etc
    im all for it but not during selichos

    im not sure who started it but it has gotten out of control
    as a kid i got up 5 am for slichos with my father ah every year
    i cant say it was easy doing it
    but then again
    judaism is not about feeling good
    we do things because we follow a mesora that our fathers and grandfathers did
    not what makes us feel good

    • judaism is not about feeling good
      we do things because we follow a mesora that our fathers and grandfathers did
      not what makes us feel good

      You’re mistaken. I went to a “regular” selichos last night. It was said slow, and I went out feeling very good. Sorry, but doing the right thing most definitely makes you feel very, very good! That is our mandate – to do the ratzon Hashem. However, please don’t forget the importance of it NOT being Mitzvas Hashem Milumodo! It must be done with feeling; with understanding; with passion! Please don’t forget”Rak Asher lo ovadta …. B’ simcha u’vetuv lev

  2. We are not living in the 1970s any more. People from the 1970’s did things that people from the 1900’s would not have dared. So every generation one acts according to the situation they are in. If people today ( Myself included ) cannot get a Hirur Teshuvah by attending a regular Selichos that is void of any feeling and emotion and can attend an event like this and have a Hirur Teshuva, then it is better to attend this event. Everybody according to his Madreigah.

    • If one prepares before hand, and realizes and understands the words that are said during slichos, we won’t need no guitars or singers. No needs for kumzitz style slichos. I also enjoy music and singing, but without a doubt, that is NOT what slichos was meant to be.

  3. We are proceeding through the days of Elul, the ultimate time to prepare for the Days of Awe, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. May we all understand that each and every one of us is handicapped in one way or the other. May our Father in heaven judge us with compassion and with mercy, He who knows all our flaws. May we all be judged meritoriously with a shana tova umesuka and the fulfillment of all of our desires

    זאל שוין אונזער טאטע העלפן
    אז דאס יאר זאל שוין זיין תכלה שנה וקקלותיה
    און מען זאל מיר שוין זוכה זיין צו הכל שנה וברכותיה
    און מיר זאלן שוין זוכה זיין צו זעהן משיח
    און אונז ברענגען ליום שכולו טוב ליום שכולו שבת.
    א כתיבה וחתימה טובה

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