Watch: First Frum Woman Sworn in As Civil Court Judge


Rachel Freier became the first frum woman to serve a judge in the history of New York State.




  1. This whole production was very untzniusdik. Why was the camera focused on her the entire time? Do we have to view this? Is it tznius for me to keep looking at her? I thought that a woman’s place was behind the scenes? Is it proper for me to hear all these men praising her in public? I am very disturbed by this terrible breach of tznius. I don’t understand. Does Matzav have a heter to show this video?

    • I’m sure you’re joking since obviously no one was forcing you to keep watching and you always had the option to just shut it off if you truly felt it wasn’t up to your standards.

    • Its you who is mistaken go look at the archives of the Jewish Observer. Before the revisionists went into hyper-gear in the last few years. Proof is recorded in history with images of Women featured with not one ounce of Busha from the editors. And you might ask so who cares what the Jewish Observer put in their magazine. well the Jewish Observer was the Magazine of Agudas Yisroel of America!!!!!!!!! Learn some History!

  2. Not the first frum woman to serve as a civil judge at all. Judge Estehr Morgenstern, a frum woman, with children in Lakewood, started as a Civil judge and is currently on the NY Supreme Court. Do your research and stop posting everything anyone sends you without checking it for accuracy, just to further someone’s agenda.


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