Watch: Fellow Davens Mincha On Ropes Course During Chol Hamoed Outing


Catching a Mincha on the Ropes Course.




  1. Wow, tremendous. Kiddush Hashem. Me ki’amcha Yisroel? Kol Yisroel araivim zeh bazeh. Kol yisroel yesh lahem chelek li’olam haba. Kimcha dipischa. Hatzalas nifashos. Buha buha buha.

  2. I remember years ago the Vishnitzer Rebbe,the Yeshuois Moishe zt”l once commenting on the aveiros he committed as a bochur,that once he wanted to observe his grandfather the Ahavas Yisroel during davening,so he climbed onto the parentches to do so even though the halacha states that one should not daven from above ground level ” that was our yeitser horah then ” said the Rebbe……

  3. Velo Am HaAretz Chosid.
    He wasn`t allowed to daven there so he should have davened two maarivs or been someich on Rabbeinu Tam depending on what time it was (hard to tell from pic)
    People are so into chumros they for get ikar dinim
    I hope this is fake news.


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