Watch: FBI Informant Opens Up About Russia-Uranium Controversy


An FBI informant describes on ‘Hannity’ a Russian attempt to gain a foothold in America’s uranium market and the crimes he reported back to the agency.




  1. The bigger crime taking place, is the price gouging that is taking place now, right before Pesach. Why did the price of eggs suddenly shoot up davka now, right before Pesach, in the heimishe supermarkets? Last week they were $1.99 a dozen. Yesterday they were $3.24 a dozen! What happened? Did the chickens stage a walk-out?! This happens year after year and the guillibe lemechels just take it on the chin and zug gornisht. This is only one example amongst hundreds.
    By the way, Shoprite on Avenue I has a dozen eggs (large size, not extra large) for $1.99 with club card.

    • First of all… i don’t think the FBI has anything to do with it. Stick to the topic. But, i am also outraged how they always raise the prices for all foods we need on Pesach. and not just Pesach, but for every Yom Tov. These grocers have no right to become millionaires on my EGGS! its EGGS! i need them, they are not a luxury! If its would’ve been lox sandwiches or cheese blintzes no one would have tainos coz we have the option of not buying it. But this is EGGS! we need it! Stop sucking our blood out! Pesach is expensive enough as it is, don’t make it harder on us, cuz you will have to pay din vacheshbon one day.


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