Watch: Even CNN’s Jake Tapper Stands Behind Trump’s Booming Economy



  1. And under obama people were doing much better yeah right you can’t have it both ways it’s doing better because of obummer then it’s really not doing better they want the credit for any accomplishment and once they finish taking credit they turn around and tell you how bad things are under this administration how quickly people forget all of the lies the democrats have fed them

    • fake news? and you have no problem with fox? let me guess anything that questions the president is fake news and traitorous. this is a democracy not a dictatorship! your want a dictatorship pick one from the map and move there!

  2. Wow, is Tapper feeling alright? did he forget which network he works for? I wouldn’t be surprised if he looses his job for actually saying something positive about Donald Trump…

  3. This Tom Perez is real dope in the truest sense of the word! And this is who the corrupt DNC anointed as their leader?


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